[Pics] Savanna Launch Party

This July saw the launch of Savanna’s new bottle design and SUPER SIZE bottle. We were invited to the Lookout Deck at V&A Waterfront for 7pm, but it didn’t really say for what, so we only arrived at 8pm and decided to do our own photoshoot since it was already quiet! My friend I Am Phill Black and his wife Chetna joined us for an evening of fun. Phill was in the Savanna ad as one of the dancers so we were happy to be together! IMG_2692 IMG_2694

Inside we found an entire stand up comedy stage with Nik Ribinovitz performing! A few Savanna Darks flew by but I waited for the regular kind. This happened when the audience was introduced to the flip side – the other half of the Look Out Deck which had been setup and held behind curtains. We all moved into the second section with its fresh, updated feel to it, very much a symbol of the Savanna bottle.


It was here that I found the new glorious 500ml bottles of Savanna! Free Savanna all night! What a joy. And to think a year ago I wasn’t even drinking Savanna. Hunters was always my favourite but I found their marketing has moved towards the student market for some reason and I just don’t connect with any of it. (Am I old? Do I suck!? haha!) I’m loving Savanna’s evolving marketing efforts with Savanna now on tap at various locations, the larger bottle, thenew look, I like things that evolve and they’ve literally won me over. I actually go to places now and order Savanna’s!

IMG_2700 IMG_2698

Once everyone had moved across, snacks were served while everyone enjoyed the first act, a DJ ad saxophonist. I was still full from lunch so I only had 1 mushroom quiche – which tasted good! There were chicken skewers, seafood snacks (which were really stinky I have to say! YUK! Hate seafood!) and even some desserts. Everyone continued to relax and mingle until the music picked up.


There were interactive elements in the venue that invited visitors to collect stickers (for a card) once they’d visited all 4 stations. The cards were then entered into a draw to win Savanna branded Beats by Dre. I was lucky enough to already have been sent a pair so I didn’t enter (always good to give others a chance). The interactions included ice sculptures, a great graffiti artist (Garth) and a camera/photobooth element too.

IMG_2702  IMG_2706

The party continued with an awesome vibe. Crazy White Boy played next and got the audience moving.


Phill Black also joined in with the tricks…which in turn got us all involved! (Respect to those we can actually hold things on their heads and aren’t idiots like us!)


This picture doesn’t actually do it justice I have to say! It turned into quite a party and we all had an absolute blast. The event finished at midnight but considering we’d been there since 8pm, it felt like a great party. Thanks so much to Savanna for having us! Now please tell us where we can get those 500ml bottle and Savanna on tap in Cape Town 😀

IMG_2713 IMG_2714

View from the back of the Look Out Deck at the V & A Waterfront. Much warmer and more fun inside!


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