How To Play the International Lottery with LottoHoy

This year has been a WEIRD year for finances. I’ve been busier at work than ever while AJ hasn’t worked in 10 months. It seems everyone else is also falling within that spectrum. Plus, with AJ recovering from pneumonia, we’ve had a short fall on the medical bills (FYI you only have gap cover for in-patient stays, not all the follow up x-ray’s etc.).

I’ve made reference to wishing for a money tree a few times – wouldn’t it be so nice to win the lottery? The British Lottery?! Well, to my knowledge, you had to be resident of a country to win the lottery, but not any more according to LottoHoy.

JUST to be sure, I asked David, the head of Marketing at LottoHoy to fill us in on the legalities and eligibility of us winning big! Here’s what they had to say:

How To Buy International Lotto Tickets

1. Is it legal to play lotto tickets in other countries?

Yes! It’s absolutely legal. Imagine that you travel to the US and you buy a ticket there.

2. If you win the UK Lottery, can you claim the prize if you don’t live in the UK?

We have partnered with official distributors of each lottery in each country, so when you buy through our platform its like if you were buying your ticket there 🙂

3. How do they pay you out if you win?

When a user that has bought a ticket at LottoHoy wins, he/she receives the winnings in his LottoHoy account the same day. From there, the winner can either purchase more tickets or ask withdrawal/transfer the winnings to their bank account.

4. Do you get taxed in the country of origin or only in your country?

Only in the country of the winner. We purchase the tickets in countries where the lottery is not taxed. For example, Euromillions is bought in Austria, where there are no tax. And the same with Powerball and Megamillions, the tickets are bought in Delaware.

5. Do they pay you out in increments or in a lump sum?

This depends on the lottery itself. Usually, you get the full amount, but lotteries like the MegaMillions or the Powerball allow you to choose between the full amount or yearly payments.

6. Which countries have the most people buying tickets?

We have users from all around the world including from South Africa, to Sweden, Colombia, Russia, Canada…

7. Which country seems to pay out the most?

The big lotteries have prize categories, so you have more chances to get small wins.

8. LottoHoy has a client service team that assists with customers who have bought, who pays for that service?

At LottoHoy we have a Customer Support team that helps with any question through email, live chat, and social media. This is totally free for the user, and we are always available.

9. I assume LottoHoy takes a percentage of the winnings if bought through the site? How does this work?

We don’t take absolutely anything from the winnings of the users. Their prize, their money 🙂
What we do is to charge a bit above the official price of each lottery. So the difference between the official cost and our price is our benefit.

So – as someone who doesn’t enjoy gambling, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t play the PowerBall from time to time. And imagine you won in pounds or USD?! YOH! It would make 2020 so sweet! Here’s a snapshot of some of the current lotteries online and available. Pretty tempting! So keep LottoHoy in mind if you’re feeling lucky…



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