EPIC Day! Quad Biking in the Atlantis Dunes

Let me just cut to the chase and say – this is, HANDS DOWN, one of the TOP TEN THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE IN CAPE TOWN! Yes, I meant that in caps! WOW, WOW, WOW! Quad biking in Atlantis FAR outweighed my expectations, it was just BRILLIANT!

Why Was It So Good?

A quick synopsis for quad biking in Atlantis those of you who don’t have a lot of time:

  • Not too far out of town.
  • R1500  for TWO people, which it’s worth EVERY cent!
  • Visual experience like NO OTHER! Forget VR!
  • One of a kind trip that will blow your mind.
  • Great to do with boyfriend/hubby/brother/dad/family.
  • Easy gifts to buy for someone and for them to get and use.

Quad Biking with Experience Days

Mr John and I were heading to the Darling Flower Show a few weeks ago when we were invited by Experience Days to go quad biking. Actually, we could pick anything, but Atlantis was on the way to Darling so it made sense.

Experience Days is a site that lets you buy experiences for yourself, friends or family (or think wedding present vibes) so we decided to do quad biking together and it was AH-MAZING!

We arrived at the dunes just outside Atlantis, had a quick intro to how to use the bikes and off we went. I actually thought they’d teach us a lot more on how not to crash, but it was short and sweet. (They’re clearly very trusting!)


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

We went at “Suicide hour”, which is over lunch time and it’s when the sand is warm and shimmery. It makes it difficult to see the contours, but luckily we were with a super amazing leader who knew the dunes like the back of his hand and guided us well. (I may or may not have gotten stuck once or twice and said leader may or may not have had to have rescued me.)

The colours were INSANE! DEEP blue skies and white, white sand. White clouds in the sky honestly made me feel like I was in a sequel of The Cell or something! It was one of the most visually stimulating things I’ve ever done!

Gimme 5 Minutes

We rode around for about an hour. We did stop twice, once cause I got stuck – and it was actually a welcome break. And again, just before the end, to take pictures.

I’d actually have liked to have stopped for 5 minutes once after 20 mins and again after 40 mins because, when you’re new at this (which I am), you need a little time to just adjust and take it all in. The visuals are so spectacular that it gives you brain freeze!

The first time we stopped actually gave me a mental break and then start up again more keen than before – and I was already having a blast! Plus, you know us bloggers want to take video for everything we do, and pictures. So I would have liked a little time just to stop and check it out as it truly was INCREDIBLE!

How To Book on Experience Days

Experience Days is a UK company that has recently launched in South Africa. They have a BUNCH of stuff like driving fast cars, sky diving, hot air balloon vibes, to name a few. This cost R800 per person, you can have the tickets mailed to you or you can buy them as a gift for someone else – GREAT presents!

Just pop onto the site, take a squizz and book an experience for yourself or a friend. And if you do – please leave a comment below and tell me what you booked! Would love to hear what you did!



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  1. says: Flow

    I’m going to take my boyfriend here, I did skydiving in Robertson and he’s been trying to surpass my “wild” but doesn’t have the guts to skydive 😁😅