Arum Lily Cottage: Paradise Tucked in the Mountains

This is going to be one of those blog posts that I’m going to regret sharing because the Arum Lily Cottages are so awesome that I just want to keep them all to myself! So I know getting a booking after this is going to be difficult because once you’ve visited, you never want to leave. (I wonder if they have retirement packages and I can start buying one now for when I’m ready to move in in…um…40 years.)

I was on a mission to find cute places for couples to stay over weekends. Nothing too cheap, no camping (nothing wrong with camping, just not my style) and nothing super expensive because I think it’s important for people to be able to get away without breaking the bank. So I did some digging around and found the Arum Lily Cottages in Wolseley (Where? I know!).

As it turned out, the only cottage available was for 6 persons. So Mr John, my brother, my sister in law, my nephew and our friend Gordon, headed out to the Ceres area to enjoy a night away in the wilderness. Well, the pics looked amazing online, but they did NOT do the venue any justice!

Arum Lilly Cottages are 6 luxury wood cabins built around a central, fish filled, dam. Tucked in between orchards and against mountains, it’s the perfect winter AND summer get away as there’s an outside braai, inside oven, heated jacuzzi and rowing boats for those wanting to swim.


Fully equipped kitchen, deck pool, wood fire, gas fire, double shower, twin beds, master suite, HUGE bath, private balcony, deck furniture for 6, indoor fire for wintertime, the 6 person cottage we stayed in was PURE JOY! They even had fishes under the deck for us to feed! (No, they didn’t do that on purpose 😛 )

Our cabin was perfect for 6 – 2 rooms with double beds, a room with 2 single beds and another room with a double bed. Mr John and I stayed in the upstairs suite which had a beautiful view across the dam, it’s own bath and lavatory.


After getting over what a, literal, breath of fresh air it was to find some a charming and well maintained cabin, we put on a stew (I’d premade it because, REALLY, fully equipped doesn’t necessarily mean fully equipped), cracked open some amazing red wine and went for a walk around the dam. The owner’s dogs follow you around which is also quite nice. Like, borrow a dog! Other visitors to the cabins had the same idea in mind and we met them halfway along the way.


It really is the most beautiful location. With the mountains turning red at sunset, the damn turning from blue to silver and the stars creeping out – perfection!


We enjoyed our supper, the sound of frogs, laughter over Cards Against Humanity and a few great glasses of wine before heading to bed for the night.

Arum Lily Cottages are absolutely exquisite! I can NOT wait to go back and would recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome couple’s weekend away or with friends and family. They are already booked quite far in advance so definitely jump on it asap!

Arum Lily Cottage Rates

The rates are between R1500 – R3000 per night (I will post the rates in the morning.)


Per night: R1600 for 4 adults / R2100 for 6 adults + R200/child.
3 bedrooms (2 x double beds, 2 x single beds) with 3 bathrooms.


Per Night: R1400 for 2 adults.
1 bedroom (1 x queen size bed) with 1 bathroom.


Per Night: R2000 for 4 adults / R1400 for 2 adults.
2 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 2 x single beds) with 1 bathroom.


Per Night: R2000 for 4 adults / R1400 for 2 adults + R200 for sleeper bed.
2 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 2 x single beds, double sleeper bed ) & 2 bathrooms.


Per Night: R1500 for 2 adults / R2200 for 4 adults, R2700 for 6 adults.
3 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 1 x double bed, 2 x single beds) & 2 bathrooms.


Per Night: R1500 for 2 adults / R2200 for 4 adults / R2700 for 6 adults.
3 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 1 x double bed, 2 x single beds) & 2 bathrooms.

Thank you SO much for having us Arum Lily Cottage!

Can’t wait to return!



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