Post #ShareAMealSA and LITERALLY Feed a Hungry South African!

I was riding up an escalator in Zurich and spotted Aromat in the supermarket. Exclaiming, my friend said, “Oh, do you know Knorr is Swiss?” I did not! So I looked it up and umm…it’s not Swiss, it’s German! #EISH

HOW can we know such a little about one of our favourite brands in South Africa?

Well, whether you love the stock cubes (my favourite), salad dressings, packet pasta (ermahgerd I used to LOVE this stuff in college!) or cuppa soups, KNORR products are used the world over the keep us full and happy.

And now they’re making it their mission to donate 1 meal for EVERY SHARE of the hashtag #ShareAMealSA

Participate For Free this World Food Day – 16th October 2017

On the 16 October 2017 you can join the fight against hunger with KNORR and FoodForward SA by simply sharing the hashtag of #ShareAMealSA.  

KNORR has committed to donate one real meal through FoodForward SA for every facebook post or tweet of #ShareAMealSA. The campaign is part of a global movement enabling people across the world to help create a brighter future where nutritious food is more accessible on a daily basis.

FoodForward SA is a national non-profit organisation that distributes food to hundreds of verified beneficiary organisations throughout South Africa.

How Much Food Do We Waste in South Africa?

I know America has a RIDICULOUS food wastage rate, I think it’s the highest in the world. And I’ve often wondered how bad we are in South Africa. According to FoodForward SA Managing Director, Andy Du Plessis,

“Sadly one third of food produced in South Africa gets dumped in landfills while over 14 million people go hungry.”

14 million people!!! We only have 55 million people! That’s a QUARTER of our country going hungry. Come on South Africa, we are LITERALLY better than that.


If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can LITERALLY feed someone today just by sharing a tweet. Keegan Eichstadt from KNORR says,

“This World Food Day we are appealing to all foodies who would usually post a recipe or appetising food image to turn their food posts from a virtual meal into a real meal by sharing #ShareAMealSA.  It’s a chance for everyone to do their bit to help stop hunger.”

To participate on Twitter

  • Retweet my post that includes the hashtag #ShareAMealSA
  • Send your own tweet using #ShareAMealSA

To participate on Facebook

  • Share my post that includes the hashtag #ShareAMealSA
  • Post your own status using #ShareAMealSA


Please help me make a difference this World Food Day by simply sharing #ShareAMealSA and helping stop hunger in its tracks – one post at a time. Thank you!



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