Awesome New Changes for Rocking the Daisies 2018

On Friday night I was lucky enough to watch the 2017 Rocking the Daisies after movie, which will only be released in a few week’s time. Last year was the first time in 10 years that I didn’t attend the music and lifestyle festival and it was a TOUGH decision not to go! Every year the festival gets bigger and better in terms of lineup, infrastructure and entertainment. And 2018 is no different with these new features:

All Women’s Campsite

YES! I LOVE this idea! I went to Oppikoppi with 5 girl friends and it was hairy out there in Mordor! I literally did feel afraid walking back to my tent in the pitch dark, I consciously felt unsafe and it wasn’t cool. Yes, we had a blast (not hating on Oppi) but I think for women to have a female only campsite is actually quite a laugh and can make it a more fun experience for everyone. The new women-only campsite will be a place for ladies to retreat, relax, camp and make friends with other women, and participate in women-centred experiences exclusive to Daisies (WC’s included).

Camping Now Sold Separately

This year camping passes will be sold separately so that those who want to leave the festival can do so. Campers who snatch up tickets early will be able to secure the best spots, closest to the main gate and the festival arena. This will create cleaner camping grounds, smooth-running bathroom lines and improve security in each camping space.

For those who thrive off of the energy in the main campsite and aren’t ones for glamping, then Priority Camping is for you. It’s a safe, controlled environment with better facilities (WC’s included)

Camping Weekend Passes

  • General Camping: R195 – R295 incl. VAT & booking fees
  • Priority Camping: R495 incl. VAT & booking fees
  • Ladies Camp: R495 incl. VAT & booking fees

If setting up a tent is not your thing, we’ll be launching all Daisyland packages on the 26th of March, to fulfil all of your glamping needs.

Smaller Festival

This year the festival is capped at 15 000 people. I’m interested to see if they really stick to this as international artists are EXPENSIVE! We need numbers because we need budget. But the ticket prices are now available:

“To celebrate 13 incredible years of Daisies, we’re curating an immersive and exclusive one-of-a-kind boutique experience limited to 15 000 people, featuring more international artists than ever before.”

Rocking the Daisies 2018 Ticket Prices

This year fans will need to pre-register in order to be able to purchase tickets and accommodation. Tickets will officially go on sale on Monday 26 March at 9AM SAST on

  • Phase 1: R595 incl. VAT & booking fees
  • Phase 2: R745 incl. VAT & booking fees
  • Phase 3: R895 incl. VAT & booking fees

Remember, these prices DO NOT INCLUDE CAMPING! You need to book your campaign individually to the ticket price. I love this as I haven’t camped for about the last 5 years but every year I’m paying for the space! Now I can just buy a ticket and leave as usual. (If you do not have a sober driver, please be sure to book camping tickets as well.)

Stay in touch with the latest updates by click attending on the Rocking the Daisies 2018 Facebook event. Otherwise, I will be sharing more news soon!




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