Can Online Dating Save You This Winter?

Today I was standing at work watching the rain wash over the city. It made me think of pizza and Netflix and cuddles. But also made me think about so many of my super amazing girlfriends who can’t find decent partners. They’re so pretty and talented and awesome, and it got me wondering about dating apps and online dating sites like Casanova Style. Are there ANY success stories out there? Do people really find true love?

So I asked my Facebook feed (my husband was mightly unimpressed!):

And actually got a few amazing responses! Most of which I didn’t even know! I did not know that so many of my friends, in long terms relationships, had met online. Even some of my married friends met online! So here are a few of my awesome friends and how they met online:

Zanie & Jono – Married

I was living in Paris and Jono was in Cape Town. We followed each other on Twitter, but never spoke. One day I posted a tweet, that I would like the intro to Drake’s Hotline Bling (you know, the part that sounds like elevator music) as my ringtone, and he hit me up in DMs asking for my email address. He made me a ringtone and emailed it to me.

The conversation eventually progressed; when he asked me out on a date during a 5-day visit to SA for a friend’s wedding. We went and had an amazing time, but I had to go back to Europe and we just didn’t stop talking.

He eventually flew to Vienna to ask me out, officially, and 9 months later we got married 3 days after I got back to SA. 🙂

The internet played such a massive role in our relationship: not just through our meeting, but in getting to know each other from thousands of kms away, and maintaining a long distance relationship for months. Best DM I have ever responded to…

Meg: Check out By Jono on YouTube to see this couple in action! (Not that action 😛 )

Justin & Candice – Engaged

Candice from Natalya Amour says, “Justin and I actually met on an online dating app! I would definitely say we are ones of the lucky few. Have to admit his dashing profile caught my eye. I think I actually messaged him, and ever since we just hit it off.

We then decided to go on an actual date. I remember it like it was yesterday. He thought that I wasn’t interested in him, but I was just so darn nervous! I was honestly really attracted to his sense of humour! It’s just about 5 years ago when we met and I still can’t believe we’re getting married!

Online dating has worked out well for us, I managed to find my perfect match. My advice for others keen on online dating: you are going to come across a ton of frogs. Be patient, you are sure to find someone you can have a real connection with.

Meg: Check out Candice’s awesome beauty blog Natalya Amour.

Ben & Catherine – Dating

It all started on Instagram when Ben started following me and liking all my photos. I followed back and then came the Facebook invite. We started chatting on Facebook and, at this time, we had also both matched on Tinder.

We didn’t chat much, but when we did the conversations were always hilarious! Ben started hinting for a date and to actually meet in person. It all became ‘official’ when I shared a video on Facebook all about how dating sucks these days and what not when he commented that he wanted to prove me wrong and made me agree to go on a date with him that Saturday. (I had stood him up once before).

I did, however, go on this date, but I made him wait for an hour. 😂🙈 And we’ve lived happily ever after since then. ❤ Never give up if you really like the person, even if you haven’t met them in person yet. If you are a girl, make the man work for it. If he really likes you he will do anything to get that date in person. ❤


I personally know all 6 of these people and they are AWESOME peeps and lovely couples. I also had a few responses where the couples had worked out for a year or so, but had eventually parted. Yet, the women involved said they didn’t regret it and had actually formed friendships or work relationships with their ex’s.

So for those of you feeling a little hopeless, don’t be. Just believe that your time will come and it will. But also be open to being proven wrong, give people a chance, but if you gut feeling says no, LISTEN TO IT!



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