Are You Breaking the Rules of Spotify?

Being banned on Spotify?! This is not something I’ve honestly ever thought about before this week. You download the service, you upgrade the service, you enjoy the service. The end.


Spotify recently updated their Terms & Conditions of use and, helpfully, sent over a summary. With all the GDPR changes and Facebook blunders over the past year, I’ve been making a concerted effort to try pay a little more attention to Terms and Conditions, in general, which lead me to find these 3 nuggets  that govern how we use the music library app.

So are you breaking the rules of Spotify? Could you potentially be removed from the service? Here are three main rules which I think most of us could innocently break.

3 Easy Ways To Get Kicked Off Spotify

1. Using Ad Blockers

SAY WHAT?! Ok, so I’m on premium and have been forever (I used Spotify in the UK when I worked for a UK agency) and I used to enjoy the ads as I used to be a voice over artist. So I’ve never actually used an ad blocker but I had NO IDEA it was ACTUALLY against the terms of use!

“…circumventing or blocking advertisements in the Spotify Service, or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements in the Spotify Service;” – 9.10 YOINK!

2. Sharing Logins

Huli-ca-pa-li You sharing your logins! But seriously, how far does this rule go? Because if my phone is dead and we’re on a road trip, I may have to login on my husband’s mobile. Same surname, same car, same account…all good?

How about if your mobile gets stolen and Shaniqua in Lagos is now enjoying your Spotify, can we be kicked off then?

Or if you want to show your parents how cool it is and they promise to get their own accounts?

“…providing your password to any other person or using any other person’s username and password;” 9.11

3. Using IP Blockers

IP blockers provide a technology that hides your computers digital address. It’s how servers and services know where you are in the world and whether you qualify for a service. Think about trying to sign up for Netflix UK. Through your IP address, their servers will pick up that you are not in the UK and respond with “this service is not available in your area” type message.

Essentially, if you’re living in South Africa, but you’re using an IP blocker to access the app from the States or the UK, it’s a big no-no.

“…circumventing any territorial restrictions applied by Spotify or it licensors;” 9.7

Make sure you sign up for the service in your specific territory to avoid any issues.

The Official Word

“You acknowledge and agree that posting any User Content that violates these User guidelines (or that Spotify reasonably believes violates these User guidelines) may result in immediate termination or suspension of your Spotify account. You also agree that Spotify may reclaim your username for any reason.”

Check out their full list of Terms & Conditions (which weren’t too bad to read to be honest) if you want to know more. But, for now, we better play nice because I LOVE my Spotify and wouldn’t want it compromised in any way!

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