The Trip TUC Biscuits Saved Our Lives

It’s been 2 weeks since Mr John and I returned from our amazing road trip to Namibia. It’s easy for me to say “amazing” now that I’m comfortable on my couch! But, at the time, it was WAY more of an adventure than I had anticipated. Beautiful as Namibia may be, it is not an easy country to explore. As we soon found out…


Please Rescue Us!

If you caught my InstaStory (the one where I was stuck in the middle of the desert crying on a rock), then you’d know we made it out alive.

But, if you missed it, then you would have missed us being stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by disgusting, big, black, cricket bug things, with a flat tyre, spanner that didn’t fit, no reception and no way to get out of there. NOT FUN!


Even though I grew up in Namibia, I’d always travelled in bakkies. It was really disconcerting not knowing how we were going to get to our next destination. LITERALLY.

On the upside, we had food and water. And when I say water, I mean a sucky bottle I filled up in Cape Town and by food, I mean TUC biscuits! It’s not every day that you cry in the middle of the desert and literally rely on your office desk favourite snack to keep you alive!

TUC Biscuits: The Perfect Rescue Snack

Long story short (hang tight for the YouTube video!), we got out of there and those TUC biscuits stayed in our car for the entire trip! Saving us on many a day, because there just aren’t places to eat for MANY miles in Namibia.

You might be asking, “Why didn’t you just stop in a town and get something?” Try Googling Malthohe or Helmerginghausen and you tell me how many last night stores, petrol station shops, fast-food chains or food trucks you’ll find there?

I’ll help you.


Those TUC biscuits saved our butts and became our loyal friend throughout out WHOLE Namibian trip.. Not too sweet, not too salty, stay crisp overnight, so good. When I wanted to write this post, I managed to fish out the packet from under the car seat this week! (The rain stopped us from getting it cleaned out. DON’T JUDGE ME!!!) So here’s to TUC, the perfect snack.

This post was sponsored by TUC Biscuits.


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