Who’s Ever Been First or Business Class Travelling?

There’s no one more famous for their flight reviews than Casey Neistat.

Look, that might be a lie. But, in MY life, there’s no one who has made a bigger impact or bigger awareness campaign that Casey’s first class flights.

Aired over a year ago, his “$21 000 First Class Airplane Seat” video has had over 53 MILLION views (that’s 4.4 million views per month on average)! But my question is, WHO is actually flying first class or can afford business class travelling?

So I decided to look up some prices…maybe it’s not as expensive as I thought? Considering economy plus is like an extra R3000, maybe business is only an extra R5k or the like. So I found Cheap First Class to get an idea. And let’s just say…I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! The prices are about triple a normal flight!

Who Uses This?

So with prices like that, I’m thinking that if you can afford it, you can afford it. But I’m thinking this may be super helpful for any secretaries out there booking flights for their CEOs. I guess when it comes to the company budget and with CEOs flying often, finding cheap business or first class tickets is helpful.

I’ve never flown business class nor first class and would LOVE to do it just once! Although going back to coach would probably be horrible.

If you’ve flown first class or business class before, PLEASE let me know in the comment section below! For now, I’ll just keep watching Casey…



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