7 Reasons Why I Love Kim Kardashian West

Yes! I’m a 35 year old woman who loves Kim Kardashian West. My poor family has had to listen to me go on about her for years and any work colleague that tried to put her down gets firmly put in their place, LOL! Hey, I’m a fan and in honour of her birthday today, I thought I would tell you why.

Unfortunately, most people surmise Kim Kardashian West’s value with selfies and Instagram images. I don’t blame them. We don’t control the media she puts out into the world.

The sad part is that most people don’t bother to look up any of the good stuff she does which, again, is human nature. Most of us aren’t going out of our way to take an interest in something we consider boring at face value.

But! I love the Kardashians and I really do feel the empire wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Kim Kardashian West tumultuous past. So here are my top 7 reasons why I love Kim Kardashian West:

1. She Takes Ownership

At no point did Kim Kardashian West ever say that any of the choices she’s made were anyone else’s fault. While the world loves to laugh at a 3 month marriage, few people actually sympathise with the public humiliation of having to end your relationship in front of the world. Or have a parent who decides to reveal their trans orientation while your family reels with what it means. Or have a sex tape published without your permission. People say chivalry is dead, it’s more like empathy is dead.

2. She Works Super Hard

The world loves to say the Kardashians are famous for doing nothing. Well if it’s that easy to be famous for doing nothing, why aren’t we all famous?! The Kardashians are marketing geniuses and entrepreneurs, whether the world wants to acknowledge it or not.

Kim started working as a clerk in her Dad’s law office, went onto to style celebrities (hence how she met Paris Hilton), opened her clothing chain with her sisters, Dash, LONG before Keeping Up With the Kardashians ever came on TV. Then came the reality show, the spin offs, her Kimoji app and keyboard, fragrances, kids clothing line and the Kim Kardashian West beauty brand.

The Kardashians have always made their own money, yet they’re famous for “nothing”? I guess working hard and making millions doesn’t count for anything.

3. Why Doesn’t She Do Charity Work?

This is often an argument that comes up, “Why doesn’t she do anything with her celebrity like helping others?” The same could be said for millions of other celebrities, again, this is just a lack of research.

This is one tiny example of work she has focussed on. Let us not forget that she just got Alice Johnson out of jail after having being incarcerated for a life sentence 21 years ago.

Every season of KKWTK they include a charity segment from Kylie donating a portion of her profits to babies with cleft palates, to visiting orphanages in the east, bringing awareness to the Armenian genocide and many other examples.

Hey, she even taught us where Armenia was! Lawd knows I didn’t know a thing about the country until this famous family shared their heritage with us.

4. Kim’s Extremely Loyal

Sure, we’ve managed to watch a couple of hilarious squabbles between the famous sisters over the past decade of KKWTK, but at the core of everything Kim does, is family.

When her step-dad came out as trans, she was the glue of the family that tried to keep everyone calm and deal with the realities of losing Bruce Jenner and meeting Caitlin Jenner. When Taylor Swift said she had no idea Kanye was going to say, “I made that bitch famous” Kim published a video of a telephone call between Taylor and Kayne approving the song. When her sister’s boyfriend came out as cheating on her, Kim publically put her foot down.

Honestly, there are so many examples of her having her family’s back, too many to go into, but KKW is super loyal and I’ve had to re-evaluate my own family values when it comes to loyalty. Those values being – even if you go through phases of not liking your family member, you have to have their back!

5. Thick Club for Life!

Let’s not forget to mention #ThickClubForLife! I have a big butt (or a hollow back as my mom would say, LOL!) and I’ve definitely felt self conscious about it over the years. I HATE when people grab my ass (in any way) so I’ve really enjoyed the influx of bigger bootied women such as J-Lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian West to the greater world. I personally appreciate beauty being drawn to the less conventional body type and it’s definitely made me feel better about myself.

Also, I quite like that a brunette is so world famous. I felt like blondes were ruling the world for a little too long so I’m glad I have backup 😉

6. She Know How to Make Fun Of Herself

When you get ripped off as much as Kim Kardashian West, you have to have a sense of humour. What I love about Kim is that she has a laugh and then she takes sweet revenge by makes millions off it. Products like her crying face meme in her Kimoji collection, appearing on Saturday Night Live and using a peach in her tweets, all illustrate her ability to “shake it off”. Lelz

7. She’s Honest About Her Health and Beauty

While the world might note her selfies, not nearly as many people are commenting on how much effort she puts into staying in shape. Gwen Stefanie has said a similar thing along the lines of, “Yes, I’m in great shape for a 40 something, but I work my butt off at it – literally!”.

Kim also takes cameras with her to cellulite appointments, gym workouts, skin treatments, etc. Real fans of the show have far more transparency in the measures she takes to have the “perfect look” and “perfect body”. She often appears without makeup on the show and makes no bones about her relationship with looking glamorous.

Most people think us fans love her because she’s so pretty, they don’t realise we love her because she’s so transparent about her beauty. She works really hard at maintaining her weight and appearance and is open about many of the measures she takes to maintain her look. This is why I’m inspired by her, not intimidated by her.

These are just 7 reasons why I’m a super fan of the Kardashians and Kim Kardashian in particular! I love all of them for different reasons, but today is Kim’s birthday so happy birthday KKW!





  • Thelma says:

    I also love Kardashian family more especial Kim . . She’s my favourite person,she have an open minded. I would like to meet with her one day

  • Maxime says:

    Hi Meg,

    I have to say, I am not a watcher of KKWTK or even as I follow Kim on social media (I follow Kendal Jenner though …) but I completely agree with what you’re saying here.
    Having 119M followers on Insta doe snot come with doing ‘nothing’. I actually admire her in that way: her brand is herself and she knows how to market it. That’s genius

    • Exactly re herself! And she inspires millions of women across the world, is on the cover of Forbes magazine but STILL people have an issue with a mom/woman being powerful, successful AND sexy! The chick likes nude selfies, so what? Doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to work hard!

  • Heather says:

    I used to be a serial watcher of that show, I must find it again. I think there are things I don’t agree with (like appearing naked on social media) but I admire how she has built her business up and worked hard for it.

    • Yes, the naked on social media is contentious.
      However, a part of me can’t but feel like, if we didn’t have the power of men hanging over our opinions on nudity then we’d have less of an issue. If you’re nude on social media then you must be a slut/attention seeking/stupid. Why can’t people just be naked if they want to be naked? BARRING that kids don’t have access to the content. I agree with keeping it as an “adult theme” and maybe they should even put age restrictions on certain accounts?! Talk about going off the point lol! Thanks for stopping by Heather 😀

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