We Saved Change For The Better Foundation!

Update 03.02.19

We did it! We managed to donate enough money for Change For the Better Foundation to secure their home with a deposit! The fight’s not over yet and we still have a lot to do, however, the first big step has been conquered! Please see their update below:

Let’s Save Change For the Better Foundation

I know I’m guilting of spamming a bit too much of my cats, but they’re just SO CUTE! And our new darling, Macy Grey, has been no different. She’s an awesome kitty because she’s half a British Shorthair! We’ve always wanted a, “Can I Haz A Cheeseburger” cat and was delighted when a friend found her online.

Change For the Better Foundation

Macy Grey came from an awesome plot near Stellenbosch called Change For the Better Foundation. Home to 250 animals, all looking for their furever home. But there’s one MASSIVE problem: the farm is being sold this year which will leave the owners and animals homeless 🙁

Now the team are trying to BUY THE FARM and save their home. But it costs 5 MILLION RAND!!! By the close of December 2018 🙁 This is IMPOSSIBLE money, but I thought, “How amazing would this be if we actually pulled this off?!”

I’d like to ask you to please donate R50 and buy a brick. I know it’s the season where everyone’s asking for a break, but the farm will be sold on the 31st of December 2018 and we REALLY need to support Change for the Better Foundation.

What’s the Brick For?

Each brick will be used to build a wall around the plot to keep the farm safer and the money will be used to save the farm.

Not only do they house 250 animals and help the animals from the surrounding farming communities, they share food and supplies to the surrounding locals (they literally buy 1 bag of sugar and decant it into smaller sizes so that people can buy small quantities that they can afford).

Let’s Make a Miracle Happen!

The team is doing an INCREDIBLE job and are on the ground ACTIVELY making South Africa a better place. R50 is nothing to us, please let’s just donate R50. All you have to do is scan this code! EASY! (The reference is your name and mobile number.)

Bank details if that’s easier:

Change for the Better Foundation NPC
First National Bank
Account #: 62764028041
Branch code: 201210
Reference: Bricks

You can find out more about their Buy a Brick project on the Change for the Better Foundation Buy a Brick page or join their Facebook page.



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