Deeliver: Groceries Delivered Immediately To Your Door

If you’re heading home from the beach tonight and are keen to enjoy the last of the spectacular weather, download Deeliver and let them bring you a few supplies to keep the good times going.

Most of us have braai meat in our deep freezes or the odd salad item, but sometimes an impromptu gathering idea can be stopped in its tracks if you need to pick up ice or mixer or nappies. “See you now now” can become a 2 hour mission until everyone regathers!

Deeliver is here to help. They stock all the essentials for an impromptu house party/braai or gathering – including nappies! It’s a mobile app with the basics that can deliver to your door IMMEDIATELY (within an hour) so that you can focus on the good times before the light fades.

How Does Deeliver Work?

Deliver is a free app, download it and take a peek as to whether they deliver to your area.

Deeliver in 5 Steps

  1. Download Deeliver from iTunes or the Play Store onto your phone.
  2. Create your account and verify your mobile number with a one time pin to login.
  3. Click the “Store” button in the app for their full range or hit the DeeLatest carousel to see what’s popular.
  4. Add the items to your basket.
  5. Check out and enjoy the delivery an hour or so later!

I gave it go, ordering a bunch of random things and they arrived within an hour. Some orders will take longer than others depending on where you’re located. But if you think about having to go off course to shop instead of going home to prep for guests, it’s a 241. You get your time and you get your deliveries.

Useful Features


You can hit the heart button and save your favourite products as you shop along. This will save you time in the future as well if you want to go with what you’ve saved in the past.


You can go to your previous order list and click reorder and it’ll pull all the same items that you ordered previously. Any items that are out of stock will automatically be removed from the order.


You can order liquor off the app as well, including mixers. This can be super helpful when the bottle stores are closed or if you only either mix or liquor.


Real talk now Moms! Babies are cool and they like to party too. But not with a wet nappy. Moms, add nappies to your basket and save yourself the mission of having to pick any up on the way to the braai.

Party Pack

I also think it’s hilarious that they offer cards, ping pong balls and cups for beer pong! For a good time, they’ve really thought of everything! (Including ice!). (Screenshot examples below.)

How Much Does It Cost?

Deeliver is free, however, there’s a minimal R150 order fee. This is easy to reach because there’s loo paper, liquor, nappies which bump up the cost. This is for a bulk order not for 1 tub of ice cream…unless you want to pay R150 for a tub of ice cream!

The prices in the app are also reasonable. Yes, there’s a mark up but quite frankly, it’s a business. They have to make a profit to run, which I don’t mind. (I just get annoyed when brands go overboard and charge you like 50% of the original cost!).

Save R50 Off Your First Order with my Deeliver Promo Code

Use my Deeliver referral code: GMFNYJ and save R50 on your second order.

Give it a go and see if it makes your life easier. Summer is here and the after-after party becomes more and more popular. Deeliver can really assist with this. If you give it a go, please let me know how you got on by leaving a comment on here or Facebook. Have fun!





  • Garth Cafun says:

    My name is Garth,I live in the Maitland area,I own a double cab bakkie, I am available weekdays after hours between 8:30pm and 11:30pm.

    Thank you

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