Earthdance 2013 News

It seems NO one can wait for winter to pass. The amount of festival and concert announcements that have been rushing through our FB time feeds is ridiculous! Not that I’m complaining 😉 Global outdoor party Earthdance has also jumped on the band wagon by confirming their dates. Earthdance will happen from September 20th – 22nd 2013.

I know the real psy-trance heads don’t enjoy how commercial it’s become but Earthdance is meant to be about unity and forcing people to listen to psy-trance in order for them to show support of a global cause also isn’t “ayoba”. So I’ll be at the alternative electronic floor this year, dancing under the stars for a good cause.

The venue is yet to be announced, I assumed it would be at Nekkies, but I see they are looking for new venue ideas. So if you have any, let them know! I personally enjoy Nekkies and don’t know why everyone’s moving away from there but hey, 2012 Earthdance was a PART-AY & 2011 Earthdance ROCKED so I’m not going to complain too soon 😉

Earth Dance 2013

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