Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks & Glosses for Pale Skin

It’s Kylie Cosmetics time! Some of you may have seen my collection on my InstaStories a few days ago. I’ve been collecting/trying/testing the makeup for about 18 months and LOVE the brand! I matte lipsticks are life! I order it from her store in the States to a postbox in New York city. They then courier it to me. But more about that later in a separate post coming soon!

Which Kylie Cosmetics Colours To Choose Online?

It’s tricky to pick colours when you can’t trial them out. Fact. But, you can use a little bit of common sense to make better decisions.

As you guys know, I’m ghostly white! Well, I’m one level up – corpse. This means the colours that suit Kylie and the colours that suit me are VERY different. I’ve taken this into account while shopping online and, basically, choose colours that don’t suit her or that I know will suit me.

If you do not have a tan or brown skin, do not pick colours that work for Kylie! Pick colours that you KNOW will work well on you. I know that sounds silly but, for example, Kendall wore orange to the Met Gala because she’s brown. I KNOW I’m not brown so I won’t buy anything orange.

You do have to use a little bit of common sense if you are not able to swatch the colours first and want to find colours that work for you. Here are my favourite colours that have served me well.

Good Kylie Cosmetic Matte Liquid Lipsticks for Pale Skin

Day Time Looks

Koko K – KoKo K is the perfect day time pink colour. It’s soft and subtle and blends in well for a day time look. (Bought for $17.00).

Mary Jo K – the red that suits EVERYONE! Ask my girlfriends, I’m always plastering the colour on them. (On sale for $10.200

Head Over Heels – This colour looks great on pale skin, if it matches your personality. Meaning, for me, it’s just a little bit TOO dull and I often wear it with a maroon dress to spruce it up. It does work physically, but is a just a touch too soft for me. (Sale for $10.20.)

Maliboo – The perfect day time pinky brown. This goes so well when I’m focussing on my eye colour but want to finish the look. (On sale for $10.20.) See the colour in the Sorta Sweet Trio below.

Night Time Looks

Leo – Again, killer colour! Obviously you have to have the confidence to wear this sort of colour and as someone with no tattooes and no piercings, I love to wear bold colours at night. I LOVE Leo even more than Love Bite as it’s ever so slightly more red than purple. (On sale for $10.20).

Love Bite – This was the first dark, daring colour I bought and I love it! What’s SO funny is that my friend with a dark complexion wore it one day and it looks like a nude on her! It’s SO crazy how the colours “change” according to your skin tone! (Bought for $17.00)

Gorg – Part of the Khloe collaboration (Koko Collection) this colour is stunning. I’ve not managed to wear it too much as I just have so many other colours, but it’s a beautiful colour between super red and maroon. On sale for $10.20

Dolce K – The big sister of Maliboo. This works better as night time browny/nude while Maliboo is perfect baby sister for a day look. (Sale: $10.20)

Sorta Sweet Trio – The Sorta Sweet Trio was one of the earliest tester collections that Kylie brought out and it contains a Maliboo, gold glittery gloss and Boy Bye. The tubes are a regular size but you save if you buy it as a set. I bought this on sale for $21.60, which works out to be $7.20 per stick!

Disclaimer – I always wear foundation when I wear my lipsticks so that it’s a polished look. I don’t find I look that nice if I use the lipsticks on a bare face because I freckles and the colours can sometimes accentuate it in a not such a nice way. 

Good Kylie Cosmetic Lipgloss Colours for Pale Skin

So Cute – I bought So Cute in the same Christmas shipping box as it was more affordable at just $9.00. It’s a nude gloss, but not nude as in transparent, I mean nude as in pale pink/browny flesh colour. This works with everything so it’s great to have. ($9.00).

Glitz – Part of the Sorta Sweet Trio, this is a super shimmery peachy gold, which isn’t very peachy. It works totally well on me (I wear gold often) and can be laid over a matt lipstick colour as well. I usually just wear as a day glitter gloss.

Milk and Cookies – Oh my life! This high gloss came out with the Christmas collection and I was SHOOKETH! I wanted ALLLLLL the pretty things! But I showed some restraint and just went for this one. It’s SO beautiful as it’s a pinky-peachy colour with a gold like flip colour. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t suit me due to the model’s skin tone being so much darker than mine, but pink and gold does work for me so it was a win. I love! (Bought for $15.00.)

Bad Kylie Cosmetic Matt Lipstick Colours for Pale Skin

Dirty Peach – look, this isn’t horrible AT ALL, but you do have to style it quite a bit. I watched a YouTuber who had a filter on her videos (which I didn’t realise) so she looked FINE. But when I got it, Dirty Peach didn’t look the same. It’s not a total and utter fail by any means, but it’s just not one of my first recommendations.

Libra – I bought this as it’s Mr John’s star sign. It’s also the EXACT colour of my skintone! So it just makes my lips disappear. So unless you’re in that 90’s rave vibe, possibly give it a skip. It works well as a lipliner though…(I got this one for free on a buy 2 get 1 free offer!).

Hazel – This was a big no, no. EISH. I thought it was going to be a soft brown colour, which I can rock, however this was just TOO orange. I gave Hazel to my friend who is half Indian/African (in other words, skin tone worlds apart) and it looks like a sweet nude on her. I just looked like Donald Trump’s lips. EISH. (Bought for $17.00.)

Kylighers or Blushes

I’m not obsessed with blush but I did want to be a glow baby so I opted for the Kylighters. I LOVE them and wear them every single day to work. Am I a bit extra? Yep. I love them.

The two I bought that work super well for fair skin are Strawberry Shortcake (Sale for $13.20) and Salted Caramel (Sale for $15.40).

Regular Lipsticks

I haven’t bothered with regular lipsticks as I have a bunch of MAC lipsticks so I didn’t see the point of doubling up on that style. The liquid lipsticks were the ones that intrigued me and the ones I LOVE!

Happy shopping! Please let me know which other colours really worked for you in the comment section below so I can try them out another time.

Final Thoughts

I’ve ordered these colours over a long length of time, 2 years or so. So while I love my collection, it’s always tempted to get more. Try your best to know your skin tone, what works for you. Don’t “hope for the best” because it does cost a lot to get it here and you want them to really work.

Good luck and happy shopping! Let me know if you’ve purchased any colours below and what your favourites are!

PS Video coming soon so you can see all the colours more clearly. 



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