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“What’s for supper tonight?” may possibly be the most asked question in the world on any given day! And it elicits different responses depending on how old you are…

Cooking can be a pretty divisive thing – either you love it or you hate it. Clearly most of us are on the same (loving) page otherwise Master Chef Australia/UK, Hell’s Kitchen, Parts Unknown and Chef’s Table wouldn’t be such massive hits. We ALL want to look at the pretty foodies and better yet – taste it!

The only problem with cooking is that it takes practice. So when I’m rusty I can get pretty irritated with myself myself for messing something up that I actually know how to cook. (To be fair, the quality of meat really has gone to the dogs in recent days so I’m blaming that 😉 ). But with most things in life, practice makes perfect. So the more you do, the better you are. Enter, Ginger & Lime

Love Cooking with Ginger & Lime

Ginger & Lime is a beautiful cooking class/kitchen that offers classes a few times a month. Located in Fresnay, I’ve been twice and it’s always an absolute blast. Reason: it’s super social!

The classes aren’t a copy cat session where the chef cuts the onion, then you cut the onion. There are working chefs in the kitchen at all times and you can either watch or participate at various levels.

Entrance of Ginger & Lime cooking school.

The Woman Behind Ginger & Lime

Denise is the owner and head chef at Ginger & Lime and she’s one classy lady. You know the type that just makes you redo your life over without the swearing and the drinking? Denise is calm, kind and genuine, you can see she lives a selfless life – perhaps why she’s been so successful? (She’s bringing a cook book out soon too!)

Denise, along with her team, offers guidance (and wine) as you cook belong side. If you followed along on my InstaStories this weekend, you would have been me mixing up some dressing for a zucchini salad to accompany a beautifully cooked beef – YUM! The food is delicious and it’s a great way to spend a few hours, especially now during winter when being inside, feasting and being cosy is on the menu.


WIN a Session at Ginger & Lime

It’s LOADS of fun and, quite frankly, probably a pretty cool date night as well. If you’d like to visit and have a crack at some cooking, drinking, laughing and sharing, then here’s your chance.

To enter, please complete the following steps:

Winners will be announced on Friday. Please read the competition T’s & C’s under the WIN tab above and ENJOY!




  • Michelle says:

    I love to cook lasagne and interesting desserts

  • Frea Uys says:

    My favorite thing to cook is anything Italian. I absolutely love making gnocchi from scratch and cannot resist whipping up a flavourful ragu. What’s great about Italian is the fact that it pairs so beautifully with a delicious Pinotage. I’m getting hungry just typing…

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