Black Friday Potato Night

Potato Night is back! This time we gathered on the most notorious shopping day of the year – Black Friday. Having rushed around all day with the madness that is Black Friday shopping and traffic, we gathered for some tasty foodies and a gin tasting with Truman&Orange.

The Feast

The core focus of potato night is to bring a whole bunch of women who walk to walk together to join in a sharing feast. Everyone brings a topping for a baked potato and we enjoy a good meal together.

We tried to keep it low on meat this time in the wake of the poor sheep all drowning this week. So we only had 1 or 2 meat items, the rest were all vegetarian. While some people are able to go vegan, I feel substitutes are a more consistent change we can all make in the mean time. So we had some meat for the meaties, but mostly veggie out of concern for the planet!

Potatoes & Gin

Lauren from Truman & Orange (fine liquor merchants) allowed me to select 3 gins to learn about so I chose:

  • Aviation (American)
  • Gun Powder (Irish)
  • Bloed Lemoen (South African)

I chose Aviation gin as it’s co-owned by Ryan Reynolds. Considering it’s a girls’ night I figured a brand by a handsome man wouldn’t hurt. Also he’s a decent dude with a family and that’s where women want to put their money these days.

Gun Powder (Drumbanbo) is an Irish gin, which I enjoyed when I visited Cork for the Jazz Festival two years ago. With Irish heritage, it seemed the right thing to do 😉 This was an interesting gin as it contains 12 botanticals, which is a style of gin I prefer over London dry.

Bloed Lemoen is a proudly South African, award winning gin and contains 10 local botanicals. South African gin is my favourite and so it seems to be everyone else’s as well as we all voted for it as the most liked!


Potatoes and Hats

Pamm from Mirror Moon Eco always brings her glitter along with her to potato night and we have a blast picking the perfect colour that suits us. This time she also brought her hats! She creates them for Afrika Burn or corporates, events, etc.

They were SO much fun and everyone had something cute that suited their personality. I decided to wear black & gold last night and my crown suited me perfectly. It really did add SO much to the energy, we had a blast! (If you want her details, just ping me a message in the comments below or on IG and I’ll link you!)

Do You Want to Potato?

I can’t remember who but someone DM’d on Instagram saying they had nicked my idea and did their own. That’s AWESOME! That’s exactly what I want! Share the joy, the happiness and the fun!

PLEASE tag me on Instagram if you end up doing a potato night of your own. It’s honestly so much fun and such a great way for like minded women to gather, meet, relax and blow off some steam.




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