What Do You Think of Justin Bieber’s YouTube Feature?

I’m not a lover nor a hater of the Biebs. I’ve enjoyed many of his songs in past, most notably the ones he created with Diplo, but I’m not a massive fan. I have, however, always been a pop music fan and was raised on watching behind the music type documentaries and films.

Back Roads, the Jazz Singer and Working Girl come to mind. So it’s natural for me to explore modern day music stories and I’ve been enjoying getting a glimpse into Justin Bieber’s life through his YouTube Originals series Seasons.

The Writing

I’m glad they started the series on his writing process. I think it’s important to remember why we’re exposed to this human and what the purpose for absorbing this media should be – his talent. “Being hot” really just isn’t good enough for the amount of scrutiny celebrities get so let’s focus on the work.

His Background

I’ve enjoyed him talking about the realities of coming from a single parent household. In all the early “behind the music” documentaries, they were transparent about his mom raising him mostly alone, but always in a Disney kind of way. Being a single parent is damn hard and I’m glad they’re touching on the realities of having a part time Dad and single mom.

Drug Use

While I’ve never been privy to the partying videos slapped across tabloids, I am aware that when someone gets arrested it’s probably because a case study has been building. It’s great that the documentary touched on this and acknowledged his bad/entitled behaviour and a little bit of why.

They definitely could have dug into it more, but I have a sense that he’s moved past that phase and doesn’t want to give too much air time (or perhaps doesn’t want to be sued) to any negative influences of the time.

Hailey Bieber nee Baldwin

I’m actually a fan of Hailey Bieber. She seems to know what she wants and doesn’t put up with BS. I mean, they’re young, they’re figuring it out but I still believe she knows who she is more so than he does. I think that’s because she comes from a famous family and has had a lot more experience than Justin Bieber has.

The Wedding

I will say though, I haven’t managed to watch the wedding episode yet, but the big question looms – who’s closer to Virgil Abloh? Justin or Hailey? As it’s no small feat getting something designed by him. My money’s on Hailey, she is the model after all.

It was great that they showed the day they met as I’m sure there are thousands and thousands of girls out there wondering how that moment of impact would be, and whether their prince would love them back! Here’s just two dorks meeting backstage, it’s a good moment.

Dealing with Fame

I also thought it was interesting how he was talking about the insane amount of endorphins he has when he’s on stage and the crash that happens there after. Taylor Swift was speaking along similar lines in Americana so there’s certainly something here to be studied. Perhaps Britney Spears’ should have been given more of a break than she was.

What I Don’t Like

I definitely don’t trust his brand manager, or whatever her role is. Yes, women can be bossy and organised but just something about her tone, her motives I question.

Here are the episodes available in South Africa so far – there seems to be a 1 week delay from when it’s published State side to South Africa side. According to the current play list, two episodes are still on premium so I’m not sure if or when those will be released.


I was suitably unimpressed when Yummy came out. Video felt half arsed, it felt totally fabricated for TikTok and I just thought, “Why bother coming back if it’s not going to actually be good for you or make you happy? We also don’t want subpar creative!”

Now, having watched the Seasons YT Originals, I’ve realised the reason why I had such an aversion to Yummy: because the video really is so shite. Apart from clearly being created for TikTok (even came up in James Cordon), WHY didn’t the Biebs just make something a bit more real since it’s about Hailey anyway?!

His second single Intentions is far more aligned with his integrity as an artist and I prefer the second single far more.

In Closing…

What’s your take on the Justin Bieber YouTube Originals documentary?



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