This Oven Cooks Veg in 90 Seconds: The Merry Chef

Ok so everyone knows I hate seafood, but when I visited the Sense of Taste cooking school recently I couldn’t help but be impressed by this insane new oven called the Merry Chef. While you couldn’t catch me cooking fish, it also does vegetables and meats unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Here’s why:

Merry Chef by WelBilt

It’s created by a company called WelBilt and they have a range of small and large ovens. The MerryChef, in particular though, was smashing out cooked vegetables and seafood in no time at all. And when I say no time, I mean in under 3 minutes type stuff!

This is because it combines microwave, convection and impingement cooking so produce crazy speeds without compromising the quality of the food.

Available as a high powered unit cooking up to 20x faster with a 2000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement, or standard powered. cooking up to 12x faster with a 1000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement. – WelBilt

It took the chefs longer to plate up than it did for the oven to cook the food! And when the food was produced, it was absolutely delicious. Word on the street is that many Michelin Star restaurants are switching over to the MerryChef as it’s such a great appliance.


While the other larger ovens were impressive, the Merry Chef can be plugged in and go, no extra electrical considerations. They have a modern (red or black) version or a classic grey one as well. Check out the website for more information on why it’s so insane, but this is how the food turned out in under 15 minutes:


I’m struggling to find a price, but at this stage I think it’s about R100 000. NOT cheap, however, if you’re in a professional kitchen I’m sure you’re familiar with the cost of decent equipment. Check it out:


Thanks for having me Sense of Taste! 



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