20 Reasons Why I’m Loving Lockdown

I definitely miss beautiful sunsets and weekends away in our beautiful country, however, overall I’ve actually enjoyed lockdown.

Full disclosure – I have continued to work full time, uninterrupted, which I acknowledge has given me peace of mind that many other South Africans are not privileged enough to enjoy.

But, for those who are so SO blessed, I thought it was important to cherish this time with our families. We all have bad days, but there are also so many things to be thankful for during this crazy time.

Here are 20 things I’m enjoying about lockdown:

  1. Testing whether working from home is actually viable (it is).
  2. Saving about R2k a month in petrol expenses.
  3. Saving about R500 a month in data expenses.
  4. Sticking the dishwasher & washing machine on each morning.
  5. Practicing my cooking again (& baking!).
  6. Loads of time with AJ, we’re having SO many laughs!
  7. Realising who you miss and who you don’t.
  8. Avoiding seeing toxic people. Realising who is toxic.
  9. No traffic.
  10. Making you reassess what you spend your money on.
  11. Assessing future goals and how to get there.
  12. Evaluating what really makes you happy.
  13. Losing weight and feeling good.
  14. Fighting the challenge of wanting to spend money now that we can buy everything again. WHY is spending money so fun?!
  15. Connecting people to trying help others with their small businesses. #ProudlySouthAfrican
  16. Sparking joy and reconnecting with the home and seeing what’s required, what’s needed, what takes time to clean, how much detergent is really required (!!), what makes a difference and what doesn’t.
  17. Loving living in Meganland without external factors killing my joy.
  18. Being less lazy like taking the trash out. Always feels like SUCH a big deal, but then you do it & it’s nothing. WHY do our brains work that way!?
  19. Learning Final Cut Pro X – it’s for free for 3 months during lockdown! 
  20. Realising who smokes WAAAAYYY too much weed and the difference between an informative substantiated argument and potential madness!



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  1. says: John H

    I will be in Cape Town July 1st and I see that it is now on Level 2. We are staying in Camps Bay and it seems from my distant research that everything is still open, just closing early. Does the party scene still exist? Are the bars still “happening”? I’m a fully vaccinated US citizen and will still use normal protocols when in public places but how concerned are Capetonians about the new virus spread?

    1. Hi John, I drove through Camps Bay yesterday and I can assure you – THERE’S NO COVID IN CAMPS BAY! Just kidding, obviously there is, but people were behaving like it didn’t exist. So I can confirm ALL the restaurants and bars are open and pumping, DJ’s jamming away, people gathering on the pavements, it felt like life before COVID. Since you’re vacinnated, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Check out my travel site http://www.gotthepassports.com for more up to date travel info 🙂 (Feel free to DM GTP on IG if you need further help.)