Life Update! July 2018

Hello everybody! Happy END of July already. CAN YOU BELIEVE it?! Every time I turn my back another month has gone! It’s been a while since I’ve managed to consistently get a few blog posts out so I just wanted to share a life update with you to keep you in the loop. If you’ve been following me on my InstaStories, then feel free to skip 🙂

So, since arriving back from Namibia on the 7th of July, 3 major things have happened:

I Have a New, NEW Job!

I had really high hopes for my last job, which sadly didn’t work out. I was paired with a really unkind, insecure and immature individual who made my experience AWFUL! Instead of teaching me the things I didn’t know (the whole reason why I took the job – so I could learn!), she would shame me. Eventually, I just stopped wanting to go to work so I could avoid her negative energy.

Thankfully, she ended up resigning, but the damage had been done. I didn’t feel I would be able to recover and integrate with a team who needed senior experience, which I didn’t have. So I also resigned.

LUCKILY, for the last 3 months of the job, I worked directly under my assistant HOD who TOTALLY turned the experience around for me. She was patient, kind and encouraging. She did not shame me for the things I didn’t know, but helped me THINK about what I didn’t know so that I could help myself, not only in the moment, but in the future as well. I’m so thankful for that experience.

But, it was time for me to move on none the less. I now have an AWESOME job with lovely people and great bosses. They’re all really calm, talented and have loads of training programs in place. I can put into practice everything I learnt previously and keep working hard. So my future is bright and I’m MUCH happier, YAY!

We Put Yoda To Sleep

If you’ve been watching my lifestyle InstaStories, you would have been on the journey with me that resulted in Yoda, my beloved cat, being put down. It’s been dark times in our home as we miss the beautiful and vibrant energy she brought to our lives.

Unfortunately, she was poisoned somehow. Considering she is unable to leave the apartment because we live high in the sky, we are totally perplexed, shocked and saddened that this has happened. To this day, we still do not know what caused this. Yoda was only 5 years old.

In the end, I held her while the vet at Rondebosch Veterinary Clinic put her down. The staff there have been INCREDIBLE and gave her the best care possible. I really believe they had her best intentions at heart.

Now that I’ve witnessed putting a cat to sleep, I can tell you that it LITERALLY takes 3 seconds. So if you are ever in doubt and you will it is time to say goodbye, have no fear. They are not in pain and if you’ve tried all measures to save them, this is a humane and kind way to let them go.

We’ve been extremely sad in our home, but we are starting to feel better every day. It’s very difficult to not still look for her or talk to her or expect to see her, but we are moving on ok. Rest in peace my little angel of love and joy <3

Got The Passports

I decided to do the crazy thing and start a WHOLE new travel YouTube channel called Got the Passports. The reason for this is because my Boring Cape Town Chick YouTube channel was created YEARS ago and has SUCH random videos on it from way back when.

I wanted a fresh, clean space where I could share my latest travel content so PLEASE be so kind as to go and subscribe. It’s free! And you’ll be able to see what I’m up to there including our awesome trip to Namibia – coming soon!

And that’s it for now! No new travels on the horizon just yet. No other major updates just at this time. But thank you for continuing to visit this site and I’ll see you in my next post/video. Have a great week! Meg 🙂



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    1. Hi Diana,
      We don’t think it was a person because she isn’t able to leave the apartment.
      This is why it has been so totally and utterly puzzling!
      She’s been with us for 5 years, same apartment, no changes.
      The only difference is that we were plant sitting our neighbour’s bonzai which had red berries on.
      The label says it’s non-toxic but we wonder if it was really a cotoneaster (very toxic).
      Cats have a great sense of what’s poisonous to them and what isn’t, so we really don’t know.
      Sadly, we will always be at a loss and unable to resolve what really happened 🙁