[REVIEW] Hello Sailor Bistro, Observatory, 10.07.11

Observatory is slowly but surely having the life breathed back into the streets thanks to the many small restaurants, coffee shops and bistros now opening. Hello Sailor forms part of this new group of venues on Lower Main Road, giving us locals more bars to drink at and more tables to eat at, in the Mother City. With a sailor theme and ‘rocking’ sound track to this venue, it’s sure to have you feeling jolly in no time!

My first visit at Hello Sailor was back in February, where Sailor Jerry Rum was on sale for a RIDICULOUS price, something like R14 for a single and coke and R18 for a double and coke. It was such a good night out I can’t QUITE remember the prices 😉 Since then, I’ve returned for an autumn evening’s birthday party where I decided to try out the food. The restaurant was very friendly about allowing me to swop my blue cheese for brie, on their blue cheese and fig preserve burger. I was most grateful and thoroughly enjoyed the meal, which was accompanied by FRESH french fries, nothing lukewarm and soggy about these potatoes.

Last week Thursday I returned once again and decided to go vegetarian (for some strange reason, it must have been a full moon!). I ordered the honey roasted vegetables with mozzarella on ciabatta, which was absolutely delicious! Two dollops of sun dried tomato pesto and basil pesto gave the meal and extra tasty kick. Cleverly, they had sliced the ciabatta and had toasted slices, opposed to giving me the whole loaf / roll which can often leave the toppings drowned out by the thick nature of the bread. These slices were the perfect amount and allowed the vegetables to be the star of the meal…usually the point!

Hello Sailor is a small but friendly venue, with the owners always around somewhere (good to have a venue monitored so that standards are kept high) and is the perfect place to have a birthday party or small get together. The prices are REALLY reasonable (About R38 for the dinner I had, burgers = R30 – R55, stews / roasts = R60 – R80 max) and the food is tasty and great value for money. Help bring Observatory back to its former glory by supporting these character filled venues.

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