Dirty Skirts Album Launch @ Zula, Cape Town, 23.07.11


This past Saturday night was all about rock pop group, The Dirty Skirts’ new album launch at Zula. After attending the Zula opening weekend, I was hoping great improvements had been made so you could imagine my shock when I entered the premises and the main dance hall was empty! Disbelieving I searched upstairs and was immediately reassured by the hundreds of people crammed into, what was the electronic dance floor last time, the upstairs venue. The venue was PACKED!!!

The main stage was snuggled by singing girls and clapping guys, the Dirty Skirts made pop rock seem like ABC, 123, 101. Guys and girls rocked and popped their way through the band’s set. An acoustic version of Daddy Don’t Disco made a great interlude, drawing the audience in even closer. Playing their well known hits and new songs, the band had a successful launch of their new album “Lost in the Fall”.

Requesting electronic artists, Markus Wormstorm and Hyphen sandwiched the band but the audience only had one thing in mind, DIRTY SKIRTS! Unfortunately the upstairs venue does not have a bar, which is also a sure way to tone down a party. This, however, did not deter the audience, they were standing fast and lapping up everything the band sent their way. DJ Sideshow carried on the party in the upstairs lounge bar, satisfying fans into the wee small hours of the morning, post DS performance.

P.S I can see has been done at Zula and it is getting there but there is still a LOT more work to do, holding thumbs!


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