Step Up Presents Coki (DMZ) (UK) @ Zula Sound Bar, Cape Town, 07.04.12

I can’t believe it’s been less than a year since Mala played a beautiful set for Step Up at Fiction. Mala was here on May 21st, 2011 ALMOST a year between his partner Coki visited Cape Town this weekend. I never forgot that Mala gig but it feels so long ago! Like a distant memory I’m trying to cling onto as much as possible. So when I heard the other half of Digital Mystikz, Coki, was visiting, I had to find a way to attend the gig.

The Coki gig was hosted a Zula. Boo – not my favourite club in Cape Town. I feel this way due to their rude bar staff, unfinished venue and lack of decor and yes, I’m talking about the new site! Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday night when the club had been improved. The bar staff seem to have learnt how to count, were very friendly and didn’t help themselves to my change any more, so I have to give them props for improving their service.


Sadly, the club was pretty empty. It’s a pity that more people didn’t support the gig because it’s very difficult bringing out internationals due to the cost, however, it was Easter weekend where most of Cape Town disappears so I understand many people simply weren’t in town. None the less, there were about 80 people there (guestimate) and every attendee enjoyed the gig.

Coki himself wasn’t the most demonstrative DJ but seeing him play vinyl (practically a dead art form in Cape Town) was really special. Glad to know the first world is still interested in mixing without software. I’m not sure if he was mellow because he was disappointed because of the turn out but he played like a pro none the less. The sound engineer was on stage a lot and they had to swap the party of upstairs to down, so it seems equipment was an issue, however, it sounded great so I have no complaints.


It was a fantastic gig, thanks to the Nu Soul Rebels for the gig. My only wish was that the event had taken place at the new Fiction. It would have been a far more acceptable size, Zula is just too big, but with Fiction’s opening being so temperamental, I understand why it was held at Zula so I thank the organisers none the less. Could we do it again sometime soon?!

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