Home of Waffles and Pancakes, Kalk Bay, 13.08.11

The bottom line is that the weather was pretty miserable on Saturday afternoon in Cape Town but, for some reason, I felt the need to go outside and do some exploring. Many people have never been to the beach on a rainy day and the truth is that it’s an entirely different and magical experience. One of the first times I ever went to the beach on a rainy day, I found a massive sting ray washed up on Blouberg beach. It had a huge ‘bite’ out of it’s ‘wing’, sushi, biological style!

So on Saturday I headed down to Kalk Bay, always a great place to take a walk. It was freezing along the harbour jetty but the view was beautiful with an ocean rainbow in the distance, turquoise water and cheerful seals floating around Polana. As the tide rose and sun set, it became even more murky and cold, which sent me around the corner to find hot chocolate or some other winter treat.

After sticking my head in at Olympia Cafe (I’ve heard the food is out of the world and it did smell great), it was too full and there was no love left for me. So I entered a little store I’d seen for ages – the Home of Waffles and Pancakes. It was VERY quiet inside but that was fine, quicker service for me! I was met by a polite waiter who recommended the strawberry waffle…hmmmm…I was sold! Accompanied by a warm glass of white hot chocolate (yes, this time it really DID taste like white chocolate. I’ve previously found these things more gimmicky than delicious.), a fresh strawberry and ice cream waffle with chocolate sauce was the PERFECT winter’s day treat.

Priced well (hot chocolate R17, full waffle R36), it was a great snack in the R50 range. The fun part was that the waffles were square not round. This meant the toppings actually sunk into the deep waffle pockets opposed to sliding off the moment you cut it. Next time you feel like doing something a little different in Cape Town give The Home of Waffles and Pancakes on Kalk Bay Main Road a go, it’s a great date location and perfect for a winter’s day out.

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