McDonalds Black or White? Greenpoint, 12.09.11

I know we’ve all got mixed views on McDonalds, paired with stories of good service and bad service, but this morning I had to have a chuckle with a member of their staff. Upon ordering coffee the lady says, “One like you or one like me?” I say, ‘Um you leave the milk please” So she says, “Ok please confirm, one like me or one like you.” “One like you please.” and off I went with my breakfast and black coffee! What a lag! Her name was Audrey so if you see her then at least you know there’s one woman who wants to have a laugh and brighten up her customer’s day!

P.S She did say there were a few customers who didn’t think she was too funny but to them I say, lighten up, it’s just coffee :))



SUMMER’S ON THE WAY!!! I’m lovin’ it for once!


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  • That sure is a humorous way to start the day- I find it surprising that South Africa seems to be the only place in the world where restaurants and cafes put milk in your coffee without asking, and one needs to specify that you want coffee black !

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