Heart FM Spring Dip Video @ Moullie Point, 01.09.11


When one says Heart FM in Cape Town there are usually 2 responses: 1) Oh, P4! or 2) What station? Over the years Heart 104.9FM has been competing on the regional radio platform along side Good Hope FM and KFM but has remained largely unknown by most of the city. Those who do know Heart FM often think of it as a ‘coloured radio station’ but over the last year they’ve been rebranding to become a radio station for ALL Cape Townians.

Moving from Cape Town’s Soul to Cape Town’s Beat, Heart FM has upgraded their music selection to include far more contemporary artists and moving away from the P4 jazz music identity. P4 no longer exists, an R&B, Pop, Soul station now lives on the airwaves in Cape Town. This means hosting events for all Cape Townians such as Spring Dip, one event that continuously provides a good laugh!

Last year saw Art Matthews, Chester Williams, Colin Moss and other celebrities throw themselves into the freezing Atlantic ocean on September 1st, along with the Phat Joe morning show. Sports presenter Tapfuma Makina also created quite a stir with his Borat inspired ‘Mankini’ which ended up all over the press and is of how I came to learn about the event.

On my way to work this morning, I past the crazy event in Moullie Point and although they tried to persuade me to enter those freezing waters, there was no way!







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