Men’s Health Collection 2011, V&A Waterfront, 22.09.11

I was reading a poll the other day asking, ‘Do you like reality tv?’ My first response was, ‘Of course not!’ and then I realised that 90% of what I watch is ‘reality’ based. I love creative reality shows based around design, such as Project Runway and Models of the Runway, my only two experiences of the fashion world. Needless to say, I know nothing about fashion! So I was very happy to accept an invitation to the Men’s Health Collection at the Waterfront, just for the experience of it, my first fashion show!

Hosted at The Lookout behind the V & A Waterfront, a venue that I had heart a lot about, the venue looked smooth but inviting. Sound and lighting was provided by Ultra Events, who are responsible for many successful festivals and corporate functions around Cape Town and tonight was no exception. The ‘runway’ looked really fantastic as the men strutted their stuff, flat screens projected the runway throughout the venue so everyone (those of us not sitting in the front rows) could see.

Initially I was nervous to attend a fashion show, not being a model myself and not knowing anything about fashion, however, I found the audience to be quite relaxed. Of course there were many media personalities (Mark Belling (Former Survivor South Africa presenter), Julian Naidoo (Phat Joe Morning Show traffic), Richard Hardiman (2Oceans Vibe), Ewan Strydom (Expresso on SABC3)) and celebrities (Paul Snodgrass (Comedian), Chad Saaiman (Musician), Marc Lottering (comedian), Lloyd Jansen (musician)) to name a few, all taking in the show.

I also found the collection personable. Instead of having exorbitantly priced clothing, there was a wide range of labels such as Country Roads and Re: (Woolworths), Brookfields (Stuttafords), Diesel, Witchery, Canterbury, Pringle amongst others. One always feels that fashion is intimidating and impersonal, however, although the models were all pulling their model faces, the feeling of the event was warm and welcoming. The audience enjoyed the show and I felt it was a bit short! They could have easily turned around, gone backstage, got dressed and present the show again!

The event boasted an open bar and snacks after the show. The food looked really good (no carrot sticks in sight) and although I passed up all the ‘mains’, I couldn’t resist a minature creme brulee presented in a mini coffee cup – and it was delicious. I have no idea who the caterers were but they did a great job. There was also a ‘Thunder’ toffee vodka stand, apparently all the new rage in London (as if I live under a first world cloud?!) but if you imagine the almost burnt smell of vanilla essence then this shot is for you! Thunder is really delicious and tastes just like one images vanilla essence SHOULD taste.

Over all it was a really well presented night out and I would definitely attend another fashion show. A few tweets have already popped up regarding the ‘goodie bags’ that both guys and girls were sent home with after the event. Filled with Nivea products for men, Lindt chocolate, a Brookfield shirt, Pringle bag, Markham sunglasses, R100 voucher for Old Khaki, Calvin Klein jocks, plus more, guests have left feeling rather spoilt. Viva the fashion industry!

P.S Want to know about the models? What can I say? It’s a bunch of hot dudes walking down the runway. Some of them looked like rater douche bags, some of them had fun and did a great job. They’re there to work, end of story. I must comment on the disconnection between real life and the flat screen though, they looked normal on the tele and silly in real life! I guess models are people too 😉

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