Goodbye Panda Eyes! Welcome Perfect Black Eyeliner!

20111015-100005.jpgYou’re drinking, you’re dancing, you’re laughing, you’re looking fabulous! Until pictures from last night pop up on your Facebook. Whaaaaaat?!?!!!! Look at my eyes! I look like a “bergie”! Yes, you have huge black makeup bags under your eyes, more commonly known as “Panda eyes”. Shame, have you been crying? No, but I am this morning!

I don’t think there’s a single girl (or boy!) on the planet who hasn’t had the hassle of finding a black eyeliner that actually stays in place. Eyeliner has a habit of spending more time off your eyes than on them…until now…

20111015-101110.jpg After trying dozens of different pencils and liners I went into my favourite makeup house, MAC Cosmetics, and asked for help. And help they did. Introducing…MAC eyeshadow!

“Eyeshadow?” you may ask, yes! It seems so! Black “Carbon” powder (eyeshadow) has been revolutionary in my girlie life! The MAC lady recommended that I use a fine angle brush to apply to the inner lower lids and smudge if desired.

I’ve had more than a few “life time” MAC brushes but every time one goes missing it’s R200 – R300 bucks a pop. Hellooooooo Clicks! Clicks has a great range of inexpensive makeup brushes. An angle brush at MAC = R240. Angle brush at Clicks? R35! They might not last a lifetime but what does it matter at that price?


To finish off, give your face a refreshing boost with MAC’s fixer. Guaranteed to keep your makeup exactly where you place it and off cheeks, collars and pillows. Thanks MAC!

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