Superette Cafe, Woodstock, 06.10.11

After discussing a day out at Cold Turkey, my friend offered Superette to the ‘what’s-about-in-Woodstock’ discussion. Claiming the food was great, a few months later, I managed to meet a friend there for lunch.

Although the view from outside is welcoming the premises is actually far larger, open and cool than it first appears. We were greeted by a helpful server who seated us near the sun filled windows. Although I’m not one for eating in the sun, the cafe was cool and the tables are positioned just out of the sunny beams.

Each day the menu is scribbled up on a porcelain tiled wall offering sandwiches, dessert treats, salads as well as a display window which suggests healthy but delicious dishes (roasted butternut & sunflower seeds for eg.).

We were served a glass of water with pomegranate pips and mint and after surveying the menu, I chose a roasted pork sandwich. Around the R65 mark I was a little hesitant what value for money I would receive.

I’m happy to say that Superette really does serve food that is composed with care and passion. The hardy bread was filled with flavourful pork, sweet onions, mustard and rocket with two sticks of extremely crispy, salty, golden crackling. Delicious! My friend ordered a chocolate brownie that had nuts and chunks of white chocolate hiding inside = yum! (R25).

Although Superette has been described as “trendy”, the staff made us feel welcome even though we were on a work lunch break and weren’t looking very trendy. As it is, I’m into food not fashion, so the clientele just seemed typical of the Woodstock market vibe reining the area at the moment.

I would definitely return to Superette, it’s a great lunch time spot, bright, light and welcoming, pop past if you’re looking for a comfortable lunch with friends.

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