Borruso’s, Kenilworth, 22.12.11

I’ve been to this restaurant 5 times since September and it doesn’t seem enough! Every time I swear to blog about the food, I gobble it up so quickly that my brain has no chance of remembering that I had a purpose there OTHER than eating.

Introduced to Borruos’s a few years ago, I hadn’t frequented the venue until a friend’s birthday this year. Tucked behind the 7-11 on Kenilworth main road, Borruso’s doesn’t boast a fancy exterior, their reputation lies in their food, which is excellent. A wood fired pizza venue with pastas and salads, it doesn’t sound very exciting but once you step into this small restaurant, the smell whafting past your nose literally floats your oral imagination away.

20111223-054454.jpgI’m on a stable diet of Borruso’s lasagne. I’ve always loved lasagne but have often been disappointed by frozen, re-heated, soul-less, etc restaurant versions, however, the wood fired, cheese bubbling, sweet tomato layers of beef at Borruso’s are just heavenly! This evening I persuaded friends that it was indeed a Borruso’s night tonight and off we went. After ranting and raving about the food, I knew I wouldn’t be let down but not only was I not let down, I received impeccable service and the food was even better than usual, if that is even possible.

20111223-054355.jpgOur friendly waitress (Sarah I believe?) welcomed us, efficiently brought our drinks and took our starter snack order: caramalised onion, feta and garlic foccacia. She introduced us to the evening’s specials which put me in a HUGE dilemna. The pear, brie, bacon and caramelised onion special sounded too good to resist, but how could I abandon my beloved lasagne? On this note, she said that she would be able to give us half portions of lasagne and pizza (in seperate bowls “nogal”) if we were willing to share, at no extra cost! An offer made in heaven!

20111223-054310.jpgWhen our large greek salad, pizzas and pastas arrived, it was EXTREMELY difficult not to gobble everything immediately but I had blown the metaphoric whistle quickly enough to take a few pictures. And off we munched away. The food was absolutely delicious, it never fails to represent with its fresh ingredients, perfect cooking, efficiency, warmth and flavour. This evening Borruso’s had lived up (and MORE) to my constant ranting and raving about how amazing the restaurant is – thank you!

20111223-054432.jpgBorruso’s is so successful, in fact, that one can NOT book. Arrive and see if you get lucky enough to be seated (which so far 6 times since September I have been). They do have chairs outside for those who are prepared to wait…and wait you should, you will NOT be disappointed! I have yet to meet a person who didn’t instantly love their meal, cooked with passion!

20111223-054508.jpgTotal food cost: R145/pp (tip included) for 1 X drink, 2 pizzas (special + vegetarian), shared lasagne (in 2 separate bowls), foccacia starter and greek salad with avo. Worth every cent. Each meal is served with fresh chilli, garlic and parmesan cheese.

P.S There’s a Borruso’s in Rondebosch but it has nothing on the Kenilworth venue.


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