Playtopia! Indie Games & Playful Media Festival

As someone who absolutely loves social media and digital marketing, I’m so happy to hear about this cool new festival launching Cape Town – PLAYTOPIA!

Now, full disclosure, I sorta hate games. My ex-boyfriend was a MASSIVE stoner and I literally wasted years of my life watching him and his friends play Playstation every Saturday while I was bored out of my mind. Is that the games’ fault? Nope! It’s mine cause I should have got up off my ass and did something with myself. Ah, isn’t youth wasted no the young?! Before that, I LOVED my Gameboy and clocked so many epic games as a kid. Sigh. Can I get my Gameboy back!?

These days I LOVE digital media and creativity and I FULLY respect that e-Sports is a crazy new sporting genre. And, quite frankly, if it gives the rugby jocks a run for their money, I’m ALL for that!

But Playtopia isn’t only about gaming, it’s an interactive, digital media festival so there will be LOTS for us digital lovers to see and do. South Africa is filled with super talented digital executives and creators and this will be a place for everyone creative to gather. This is why I’m so keen!


What is Playtopia?

PLAYTOPIA is a 3-day indie games and playful media festival, showcasing local and international independent computer games, interactive and digital art, talks, panels, workshops and an awesome music line up. Playtopia marks South Africa’s debut homegrown celebration of games and interactive art. Playtopia stands to celebrate the country’s diverse game development community, and inspire the next generation of creators, gamers and enthusiasts.

PLAYTOPIA aims to create a platform for a more mature audience of gamers, creators, art and entertainment lovers to come together to learn, connect and be inspired by the digital innovations being made.


  • Date: 30 November – 2 December 2018
  • Times: Friday 19:00 – 01:00 / Saturday 10:00 – 01:00 / Sunday 10:00 – 18:00
  • Venue: Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town
  • Tickets: R320 Weekend / R150 Friday pass / R180 Saturday pass / Sunday pass R120 / R820 Delegate (limited)

What to Expect at Playtopia

Friday Night

PLAYTOPIA starts on Friday evening with a Kick Off Party. Super Friendship Arcade, Cape Town’s premier game punk collective, invades Playtopia for a night of unique creations, custom controllers and home-brewed party games!

A fully interactive exhibition featuring over 30 games and interactive art installations and an awesome music lineup boasts DJ Invizable, Sassquatch, Haezer and more.

Saturday Night

On Saturday evening you’ll be treated to another brilliant local lineup, including Hello Beautiful, Julia Robert, Uppercut and ANG.

The Weekend

Gamers, developers and users can explore a plethora of games, music, food and experiential art. Exhibitions by some of South Africa’s top interactive artists, 30+ alternative, art and party games, a Super Friendship Arcade room with games played on custom controllers, VR rooms and the international exhibition “Digital Gardens” created by A MAZE./Berlin. 

Play with Ralph Borland’s robots, engage with the sensory art of Miranda Moss, marvel at the projection art of global artist Inka Kendzia and walk through the yarn art of embroidery artist Danielle Clough, along with various other artists showcasing custom designed playful objects.

Access to exclusive talks by local and international game developers and experts working in the industry are available for delegates at R820 per ticket.

Playtopia Notes

– There is VERY LIMITED PARKING so we highly encourage taking a cab.
– There will be security
– We will be using the back entrance to The Castle
– Strictly no under 18
– Bring ID

If you have any queries, head to the Playtopia Facebook page/event and join the community.

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