The First Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, 30.03.12


March was a ridiculous music month in Cape Town. On one weekend we had Homegrown, The Cape Town Jazz festival, We Like Bass at Zula and the FIRST ever Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. In Cape Town, there are many electronic music festivals, in fact, there’s a trance party every weekend for about 6 months in the Western Cape. But these outdoor parties have always focused on Psy-trance predominantly. Over the years, alternative electronic music has crept into these parties as second stages blossomed at trance parties and festivals however, since Sound Squad’s New Years Revolutions, there hasn’t been a proper outdoor alternative electronic music festival. This is why the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival was so warmly welcomed on the Cape Town social calendar.


Not only did the CTEMF provide a party for the whole weekend but the event was supported by workshops during the week leading up to the big party event. Industry experts hosted workshops for young creatives looking for guidance in the ever fickle entertainment industry – all for free! Redbull Studios hosted the workshops for young Cape Townians to learn about their media interested from the pros. I tweeted the CTMEF in the hopes of sending them a few questions about their important concept but unfortunately did not hear back. Hopefully next time BCTC will be able to pick their brains a bit more.

Because the weekend was so crazy, I only managed to pop into the festival on the Friday night for a bit after another function. None the less the party was rocking. Hosting it on the same weekend as the Jazz Festival is a good idea because it allows those from the CTIJF to move over and party all night plus learn and see more South African artists, albeit of a different musical genre. Here’s a video of Haezer, Niskerone, SFR and Hyphen from the festival.

Thanks to the event organisers. The infrastructure was awesome – convenient at the V&A Waterfront, ample loos and a BIG bar, this I always like 😉 Hopefully year 2 will be even better.

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