Obz to Cape Town Night Shuttle!!!

Ever since the My City Bus initiative took off, numerous “clubbers” and night owls have been Tweeting Helen Zilla about starting a night bus system. Drinking and driving is bad and many of us under 40’s have gotten away with drinking and driving for years. But recently the cops have been cramping down big time and it’s a good thing. Drinking and driving is stupid but due to lack of transport, many guys and girls felt like they didn’t have much choice. Considering cabs are R10 / km, by the time you’ve gone from Wynberg to town and back, it’s cost you R150!!!

Luckily, the time has come for us to put our vote with our drunken feet and support those who are trying to make a difference to help us as individuals but also society, by keeping drunk drivers off the roads. This Friday the 27th of July saw the launch of the Obz Party Shuttle! A brand new shuttle service travelling between Observatory Main Road (Stones, Arm Chair, Trenchtown, Hello Sailor), Roodebloem road in Woodstock (Jamaican Me Crazy, Pedro’s) , past Mercury and the Shack, down the The Assembly and around to Long Street!


The Obz Party Shuttle is driven by Mohammed Bazier is ex-Mount Nelson employee who is trained in security measures which means the passengers will be in safe hands. All the drivers are also Moslem so they will not be drinking and driving at any point.


The shuttle works with travel cards. Each trip is R15 with the card, R20 without. The card costs R105 in total = R15 for 7 trips. BUT, you do not have to use the card alone! If 7 of you want to get to town, simply use the card at one time for all of you. R15 a pop / person. (If you’re a business who would like to supply the travel cards, you’ll get a personalised one where you can ride for R10 a trip!)


OBSERVATORY – down Milton Road-Lower Main- back down Lower main-up Station Road onto Main Road onto

WOODSTOCK – past Cold Turkey in Woodstock every second Sunday – Roodebloem Road-main road/Victoria Road-

OUTSKIRTS OF CITY -up Tenant and De Villiers Streets past Mercury and The Shack- along Roeland Street- down Harrington past Assembley-

GARDENS -back down Roeland Street past Kimberley Hotel-up Hatfield Street past 24 hour Engen garage-down Orange Street  past Labia Cinema-

CITY CENTRE- past bottom of Kloof Street and top Long Street- down Loop Street-down Strand Street-along Long Street- to top of Long Street- down Orange Street, and a reverse repeat of the circuit.


How can you tell which is the shuttle? By the purple light on the roof of course! Wave down the bus should you like to hop on. How do you know where the shuttle is? SMS / BBM the driver!!! Moh’s number is 084 957 7252 or BBM him on 294EFF18.


For now the circuit is only running every Friday and Saturday on the hour. If the route works and is well supported, extensions to Claremont and beyond will be considered (a proposal is already being worked on pending the success of this first route) as well as possibly extending to run from Wednesday – Saturdays.

Not only are all the buses clean and in working order but they’re also insured to keep everyone as safe as possible and the vehicle in good working order. If you love the service so much, you can call the office and book the shuttle for 8 – 15 ppl on the designated route. E-mail Hazel at hazel@purplehazeproductions.info Come on Cape Town, let’s support this initiative and help them help us! Cheers to that!

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  • Carrott says:

    This is AMAZING! Moving from town to Obs at the end of August, will definitely be making use of this 🙂 fantastic!

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