Visit Newlands Stadium 28.07.12

I’m not particularly interested in rugby. Of course I come from a typical South African rugby loving family where rugby determines the tone of the mood at home over the weekend. The cat’s either going to be running for their lives and my Mother will have to be cooking my Dad’s favourite meal in consolation. Or the cat will be loved the death and my Mother wined and dined in post match celebratory glory.

I, however, have never really been sucked into it all. I love sporting events because it pulls the country together, not because I actually care for the game. So it was unusual to find me at Newlands stadium on Saturday evening but I’d been given free tickets so I thought I may as well attend to show my support.

The feeling of excitement from the audience fills the air with hope and adrenalin. Walking up the ‘closed roads’ past the shirt sellers, hot dog vendors, Super Sport trucks, free sign posts for grabs and ticket sellers, really makes it visiting Newlands stadium exciting. There’s also a door way into the stadium that allows you to see the thousands of people watching which is a great perspective.

The fun thing about the stadium is that there are so many other things happening whilst the game is on! Donuts float by, biltong is easily available, cooldrinks and other treats. There are some silly cheerleaders who are fairly entertaining on a novice level as well as all the noise making for one’s team. Of course all the serious rugby players get annoyed with all these add ons but for the none-sporting type like myself, it makes it fun!

Of course the most impressive thing about the stadium is the audience. Being sat along side SERIOUS rugby supporters means the screaming, shouting of pseudo coaches and referees really creates an amazing atmosphere. Thousands of people jump up in anticipation and frustration of their team scoring a tri and when they do, it’s electrifying.

Even if you’re not into rugby like myself, if you get free tickets, go. 100 things to do before you die and I can promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the experience.


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