Wembley Road House! A Corner Stone of Cape Town…

For years I’ve heard about Wembley Road House food. I’ve bought their burgers from Pick n Pay and have asked numerous times where the restaurant is but was never given precise directions. Saturday was a rainy, horrible day in Cape Town and I really felt like slap chips so I decided to go on the Wembley mission. After a few wrong turns (it’s in Athlone, nowhere near Lansdowne road as I was originally told), and a Google search (with no address initially) I found my way to Wembley. What a cute restaurant! I had no idea it was so adorable! It was a great surprise under the dark Cape Town skies.

So, what to try? Their menu is HUGE! And all food is strictly Halaal. Meat sandwiches, seafood sandwiches, egg sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, Wembley combo meals, health sandwiches, omelets, casserole, pasta, burgers, curries, salomis (dunno what this is?), traditional cape dishes, miscellaneous – and those are just the subheadings! Some of these headings have more than 10 options. Their Wembley Whoper was on the cover of their menu so that seemed like a good recommendation. Prime-cut steak, braised onions, sliced potatoes, garden fresh salad and home-made sauce. I vetoed the onions and ordered one of a few other things: slap chips, chicken samoosas, beef samoosas and a koeksister.

I had to wait about 20 minutes which felt like forever in the freezing rain, actually, I do think this wait is too long since it’s meant to be a take away. If I was at Steers or KFC I wouldn’t be happy with a 20 minute wait. They kept taking more and more orders whilst I waited, that was a little strange. The steak sandwich was reasonably priced, R31.95, but the slap chips were over priced, R25.95 for a medium. They were delicious with a slight vinegar edge but definitely over priced for potatoes; 2kgs cost R20 at Pick n Pay, never mind a cheaper rate if bought bulk!

I also had the samoosas which were nice but the win of the day was the koeksister. I think it’s the best koeksister I’ve ever had! At R3.75, what a bargain. PERFECTLY soft in the centre with a syrupy crust but still crispy! Don’t know how they got that right but they were gorgeous. The coconut was still juicy too, REALLY good.

I’m so glad I’ve managed to get to Wembley after all this time and every Capetonian should definitely visit there. The whole modified cars thing seems to be big there at night as well but my Links-Road, Saks-Circle, Belville Fruit & Veg, days are long over so I’ll just stick to the food for now 😉 Ring them to telephone order or park in the car park and wait to be served, Wembley Roadhouse: 21 Belgravia Road, Athlone.

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