Cheers to Freedom Day with Sodastream

I woke up to one of the best messages one could receive on Freedom Day. Dad, “Got another sneaky little braai going for lunch…” Yes please! My folks have recently moved from Namibia to Cape Town and we’ve been loving having braais as my Dad is an excellent braaier. Unfortunately, in the complex I live, you can only have a braai with people who live in the block. No visitors allowed to braai with you, ever. So having the parental braai facility around the corner is great!

Sodastream South Africa had also recently sent me 2 bottles of liquid to wrap up the end of the summer. I figured, bright, beautiful day with braai and lemonade, perfect.

Perfect South African braaiSodastream has a new flavour called Summer Lemon. It tastes just like homemade, American lemonade with a crisp lemony taste (with real lemons) and soft sugary softness to round it off. Perfect for verandas, stoeps and benches with views.


I bought myself a new camera on Saturday as well so it was a great opportunity to test it out. I’m not a photographer by any means so I will have a to work very hard to improve my pictures, but I’m willing and keen.

IMG_0033My brother helped me to learn a bit as explained that overexposed photographs were a no-no – unless you take the picture and then add a filter. But since I’m such a novice, I’m sharing this one anyway as I really like it!

Did you play 30 Seconds this weekend? Dang I love that game!!! #ProudlySA

IMG_0042The neighbour’s cat also likes to invite himself to our braais. TO-BYYYYY! (Excuse the grass, we’re still working on it!)IMG_0070

A perfect way to celebrate freedom day. Some good ol’ South African braai food.IMG_0044Cheers to Freedom Day! And thank you to all the brave men and women who helped South Africa to get to the point where this beautiful day could occur over 2 decades ago. How did you spend Freedom Day? Where you free or were you dom? 😉 IMG_0024

*Sodastream has not paid me for this post, however, they did supply the Summer Lemon liquid.

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