Friday Upper Cut – Hip Hop Party at the Waiting Room 19.10.12

I can’t really remember going to the Waiting Room and hearing any other music other than jazz and hip hop when I first visited the venue. Back then, you were able to meandre up through Royale, The Waiting Room wasn’t separate from the restaurant as it is now. Always a comforting venue, a good place to grab a relaxing drink, take in the sunset or creep in at night for some beats.

Over time, as with most electronic parties in Cape Town, they come and go. Leggo has been breathing life back into the venue in the last few months and it seems Friday Upper Cut is the next installment to revive the venue. I hesitate to use the word ‘club’ as the multi leveled venue is more like a lounge with the volume turned high. As with most house parties, coffee tables are known to be shifted to one side for dance floors to pop up and there’s no exception at the Waiting Room.

This last Friday saw the first edition of Friday Upper Cut. The Waiting Room was packed and the 90’s hip hop themed music set in. Each DJ played on rotation for half an hour sets which kept the energy high and the beats pumping. Here’s a little video featuring Nasty Ed chatting about the event. Join the Friday Upper Cut Facebook page to keep up to date about the next parties.

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