A Fun Way To Save The Rhinos!!!

When we heard about the Randela coming into circulation, our first response was, “But what about the animals?” Many of us South Africans take pride in our natural surroundings and saving our animals is becoming more and more difficult, with our rhinos under pressure more than ever.

With more than 500 rhinos having being murdered, yes – murdered, this year alone, it’s a bleak scenario. But there are a few out there who are determined not to give up the good fight, welcome ¬†Joshua Cox.

Joshua Cox has entered Fjallraven Polar, a competition to win an expedition to the north pole – from what I can gather (most of it’s in Swedish). If we vote for him, and he wins, then he’ll done US$1000 to rhino conservation! He wins, we win, the rhinos have a chance to win! It costs us NOTHING to take 60 seconds to watch this 30second clip and support this cause. Vote with your feet…er…fingers.

Vote for Joshua on Fjallraven Polar, it’s a pretty cool site and a GREAT social media idea! Let’s get our adopted South African to the pole and help save our rhinos whilst we still can.

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