[PICS] Hudson’s Burger Joint – Claremont, 12.12.12

Hudson Burger Joint Menu

Hudson's Burger Joint, Claremont

So I don’t think the world is ending, YAY! What’s for supper?

The day was ba-yoooo-ti-ful in Cape Town today. At least if we WERE all to die we’d go out in the height of summer, good times! On that note, I was looking to eat somewhere outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. My partner suggested Hudsons…wow wow wooooaaawww…maybe the world is ending.

The truth is that I REALLY don’t enjoy Hudsons. Burgers are one to a dozen in Cape Town, on top of that, my partner makes the best burgers EVERRRR!!!  So if a burger isn’t 1000% awesome, then I’m not impressed. I enjoyed my chicken strips at Hudsons cause I just stopped ordering the burgers. They tasted super “boxy” and I don’t want box burgers in a burger restaurant.

But for some weird reason, maybe it’s because I want to do 100 things before I die, (and according to the Mayan’s, that’s now), when Hudson’s Claremont was suggested, for some reason I thought it might be a good idea. I have to admit that I was really surprised to see how busy it was when we arrived but luckily we got a table outside.

Nice large Rock Shandy's

First off, I was impressed with the hosting, a gentleman welcomed us and confirmed we could have the table outside – yes, this does matter to me as restaurants are often poorly managed when they’re busy. After the waitress swiftly took our drinks, he checked if we’d been helped – we had. I explored the menu and found sliders at the bottom, mini versions of burgers of various flavours. I asked the waitress what she recommended and went wit the TriBeCa.

The food was REALLY good. I immediately started understanding why it was so full! Which is weird because when I got there, I couldn’t understand why it was so full because Hudson’s has been in town for years…if people like the vibe so much just get up off your butts and drive to Cape Town! But now I know. Hudsons town put me off, Hudsons Claremont turned me on!

Hudson's Burger Joint Sliders

I had 3 sliders, a cheese and mushroom burger, crispy bacon, avo and feta burger and a tomato relish, cream cheese and jalapeno burger. Such a great combination together and within each burger. Tasted a bit like Steers – that’d be the flame grilled part but there wasn’t anything “boxy” about it. I ordered onion rings as my side which made a nice change and not having chips on a 30degree day was good.  My partner had a cheese burger, chips and chocolate brownie for dessert. It was warm, nutty with ice cream, was really good.

Hudson's Burger Joint Burgers

The total bill came to R241 which is reasonable for 2 drinks, 2 meals and 1 dessert. Well done Hudson’s Claremont, you’ve put Hudson’s back on the map for me (still not going to town) but glad to revisit this branch again and enjoy the food. Thank you.

Hudson's Burger Joint Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream

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