iTunes South Africa is Here!

I like to call myself Josephine Soap when it comes to technology. I’m not a complete moron, I know how to read and take instructions but I’m also not a techno geek. In fact, the reason why I got an iPhone was an attempt to move myself into the future since MAC seems to be the way of the future (according to every creative on the planet). But unfortunately, as great as Steve Jobs was, he doesn’t seem to realise that the female population isn’t a geek like him and using MAC products isn’t without its flaws.

One of these major flaws has been the lack of South African iStore. Creating an iTunes account is compulsory when using an iPhone/MAC but the iTunes store in South Africa has nothing for sale. And when I use the word nothing, I really mean, nothing of value. Take Angry Birds – one of the globe’s biggest pop culture¬†phenomenon’s, but is it available on iTunes RSA? No. Take Cityville or Farmville, ANOTHER pop culture phenomenon, with over 50 million people playing it on Facebook ALONE throughout the world. But is it available on iTunes? No. Even though it’s free?!

BUT it seems the RSA iTunes tornado is moving on and South Africa is being brought into the 21st century as the new RSA iTunes store launches today in South Africa. JUST for shits and giggles (I know how this country works) I went to look for the new Robbie Williams single, Candy, (My Mom saw it on Graham Norton and liked it) and it’s actually there in the iStore, for sale, for R9. FTW! Let’s hope this store continues to grow, aka, bring on the free apps!!!

Robbie Williams iStore Eg.

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