[VIDEO] Prodigy Live at Synergy 2012

IMG_2254IMG_2255IMG_2253This year’s Synergy  Live didn’t remotely compare to last year’s in my opinion. The major issue was the venue and logistics. Synergy has already accepted and acknowledged my opinion on Twitter and for that I give them props. It’s easy to ignore complaints as a brand and MUCH harder to address them so I have respect for their customer service. Because essentially, we are consumers of their product – the product just so happens to be a festival!

See correspondence; it’s good to know that they’d like to improve the festival year after year, so I’ll leave it at that.

The one comment I have yet to add is the same old story. Festivals launch in Cape Town, Capetonians spend their money buying tickets and supporting the event over the years. As soon as they brand wants to expand then we get the short end of the stick. Why didn’t Joburg drive out after work on the Friday night to see Prodigy, for example? I always feel this is what happens, we, Capetonians, build a brand then we get shoved aside as the brand expands elsewhere and the rest of the country enjoys a great festival whilst we all rush around trying to make it work. Not cool.

I did think it was special seeing The Prodigy under the full moon though, here’s a video.

P.S I’d love to hear what you loved and hated about the festival, comment below:



  • John says:

    I saw the flyers floating around Cape Town and saw the words “Prodigy”, but I thought it was just the theme for the event or something. Didn’t seem to say “international headlining act from the UK”, etc.
    “surely if Prodigy were coming it would be a big deal?” I thought.
    Guess I’ll know next time! Thanks for the video – you should try get close to the stage when you film these gigs!

  • ErrolBong says:

    Great Blog Site by the way! I DO enjoy reading your Blogs!


  • ErrolBong says:

    Hi Maam

    Yes I did, but I consider that after the fact. I do know that you were very objective in your Blog and fair, yet I just somehow felt that all their challenges were not taken into consideration before writing it .

    This is the ethos and thin line between good journalism and bad press publicity. I do understand that you were not aiming for the latter, and just like any customer paying for a service, you have a full right to voice your opinion on that service quality.

    Thanks for approving my comment and thank you very much for your response – I do appreciate that very much.

    I hope you have a happy festive season!

    – Errol “Bong”

    • Thanks for your support. I hear your cry about still staging the event, it was great that they continued and managed to do such a great production. My issues were more with having to walk miles to setup & not having any VIP loos! As a girl, these small things do make a difference for us weaklings hehe I have no issues with their technical production 🙂

  • ErrolBong says:

    Hi, B/C – Sure – the fest had some downers regards the weather and it is easy for you to make such comments that would highlight the negatyive aspects- since you don’t put in the work yourself, you simply dont understand what a weather extremity can do to such events. It doesnt matter what the event is…If you get galeforce winds while rigging, it is a nightmare. Period. I am persoanlly impressed that everyone managed to get everything together after Thursday night’s galeforce winds and rain tore everything down.

    I do know the fest organisers personally and know that they hold their work to a high standard, and unfortunately could not live up to this because of the weather. However, the mere fact that they got Prodigy to still perform is an amazing feat that no other fest organizer in this country has achieved yet, I have yet to see a local SA festival be able to host and maintain the standards required by such a professional and high profile act, in such a short time under such difficult conditions.

    My bottom line is if the fest was crap I would say so regardless of who I know and don’t know. And it was not crap – it just needs some adjustment and tweaking as it was also a new venue.

    I played at this fest and it was awesome, the sound was great, (the best I have played on EVER, and that includes when I toured with UB40) we were treated well as musicians and because I have an understanding of how hard it is to do such events, I would be less harsh to criticize.

    • Hi Mr Bong,

      Thanks for your time in reading my review and for your comments. Did you read the correspondence that I included from the festival? I’d like to know because I address your concerns. Thanks.

  • cara says:

    prodigy were awesome, however i found the festival location terrible and very unorganized

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