Live Evil with Dank & Card on Spokes.

I always keep my eye on the AVA channel on YouTube. They used to be Don’t Party TV but branched out. They’re always filming fun stuff with artists that I like in Cape Town. Here’s a video about Music Without Borders, something I’ve been invited to a few times but haven’t managed to attend – so far.

Card on Spokes aka Shane Cooper won the Standard Bank Young Artist award 2012. He’s hugely versatile as he writes both traditional jazz music and electronic music. Dank is one half of Sedge Warbler and used to be part of Mix n Blend. He’s the prince of glitch hop in South Africa and always creates fun, adventurous beats.

So check out this AVA video below. This event was in December but let’s keep our eyes peeled for the next one 🙂

P.S The header above is from Card on Spoke’s new website, check it out too!

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