[VIDEO] Sabretooth & 7th Son, Mercury Live, 25.01.13

Basically the only time that I watch bands these days is at big festivals. It’s a crying shame considering that’s where my South African music love started. The problem was I’d watched so many bands so many times that I got bored. This happened at the same time as the underground dubstep scene launched with Step Up so I moved away from bands, although, I always kept one eye on the scene.

SabretoothDuring my adventures around town I’d heard and seen Sabretooth’s name crop up. Some people had asked me if I’d seen them as they knew I’d liked bands. Unfortunately the answer was always no. When a my friend asked me to hang out at some bands this weekend I said ‘sure, why not?’

Sabretooth were playing at Mercury this past Friday along with Half Price and 7th Son. I’ve been watching Half Price since 2001 (I think it was) and thought they were terrible! So when I got back from London in 2002, I couldn’t believe they were still going! Of course they’d been practising in that time and over the last decade Half Price have turned into one of Cape Town’s most loved punk bands.

7th Son

After Half Price was a funny, old school style metal band. I was quite amazed to see a metal band fronted by a melodic singer. Super Iron Maiden vibes which I didn’t really think existed in Cape Town. Most bands were screamo, such as Point Blank back when I was hanging out at ROAR. So this made a nice change. I asked my friend who they were and, of course, they were Sabretooth. It was great to put the sound to the poster! I thought they did a good job and the audience were loving them. Anyone know if they’re playing Ramfest this year or what their festival presence is like?

Last but not least was one of my favourite bands, 7th Son. But WOW! I barely recognised them! The line up has changed so much! The last time I watched them Owen was still the drummer, Miles was on horns and Yves (sp?!) was on guitar. Now Miggs is the basist, Simon is the sax player and I don’t even know the name of the rhythm guitarist! None the less, Nic acts like a rock star like turtles are turtles – they just are. I really liked hearing them again and over all, a good night out.

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