Guinea Fowl BnB, Greyton.

When I went to boarding school one of the first friendships I made was with Debbie from Greyton. I’d never heard of Greyton before but whenever it came up in conversation, from there on out, good ol’ Debbie would come to mind. But 2013 has allowed me to change a person to a place in my mind.

I was recently called to visit Greyton for business which allowed me to explore the little village. My friends and I always joke that for every 100km one drives away from Cape Town, one goes back 10 years. So Greyton is around 1980 where kids play with their go carts in the streets just as I did, girls rode their horses in mountain cuddled fields and the sounds of rugby filtered from home windows onto the gravel streets. And this is what I was met with as I pulled into the Guinea Fowl BnB.

The client had paid for my accommodation at the little home come bed and breakfast. Now I don’t usually like to stay in bnb’s when I’m with my partner because I hate sharing a wall with the neighbours! I prefer independant chalets if I’m going away with a partner, however, since I was alone in this trip I was happy to be in the safe comforts of a bnb.

The Guinea Fowl BnB is run by an elderly couple. He shuffled to the front door and kindly greeted me (rugby sounds in the background). Their house has also been left in the eighties but I actually loved it because it was like being back at my grandparent’s house (who both passed away more than a decade ago).

My room had a double bed, lots of pillows, an en suit bathroom with loo, basin and bath with a skylight which is magical to use under the night skies (if clear). I was able to lock my door, not that I felt that I needed to, and enjoy the tranquil environment.

In the morning a full or continental breakfast is served. Jim brings along your tea and your toast in a toast rack and lets Murial know what kind of breakfast you’d like. I have to say that some of the food was a little too home cooked (the scones were like rocks) but the cooked breakfast was great.

I wouldn’t recommend the Guinea Fowl in for a romantic weekend away but if you find yourself needing to stay in Greyton on a business trip and you’re alone then do consider the cosy bnb that’s close to the center of the village.



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