Are We the Next YouTube Stars Country?

After “Google It” just “YouTube” it is the next reply these days. More and more people rely on YouTube to catch up on things they missed, things they’re heard about, information they need and to have a laugh. This short doccie investigates YouTube channels in South Africa such as the Anne Hirsh Show(which I like far less than Foblo – HILARIOUS), Caspar Lee, Nerdz Squared to name a few are making a huge impact on the global YouTube community.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Have you considered using it to gain notoriety or to share what you do? I often embed video footage of the gigs I go to so I personally appreciate YouTube. I also, however, appreciate regular TV so although I agree that YouTube gives you custom viewing – don’t mess with my Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Moonshiners re-runs yo! On that note – both reality TV shows…is life imitating art or is art imitating life?

Give this video a quick squizz…I’d love to hear your comments below. Happy Friday!

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  1. says: Matt

    Awesome video, but for marketing purposes in South Africa we are so far behind, we would never generate enough views for a successful youtube marketing campaign :/ but still, its a start.

    1. Well I’m not TOO sure if that’s true. Remember that iceberg video in Cape Town? That was a Hunters campaign & got lots of views (I think)! So there’s hope? But yes, it would help if our Internet didn’t cost the earth.