[WIN] Entry to LEGGO! #2SidesoftheBeat this Friday Night!

Leggo 27 Sept 2013 Flier

Leggo! is one of my most favourite parties here in Cape Town. Back when the sub-genres of electronic music were emerging, there used to be so many small parties filled with music lovers. As it’s become more commercial so have the parties. And it’s a bit of a pity because of a lot of the audience aren’t actually big music lovers. Every now and again though a small group of people will merge for the sake of the beats and that’s what Leggo is all about.

Held at The Industry in Harrington Street (down the road from the Assembly for you Cape Townians who don’t know street names ;)) Leggo is a monthly  bass party for all music lovers. Usually they have a colour theme (black, gold, red) but this month is a special edition!

Leggo! Goes back to back with Johannesburg brand #2SidesoftheBeat. This week’s line up includes Leggo! promoter White Nite, Kid Fonque (JHB), Jonny Miller (UK) and Daddy Warbucks. Jonny Miller played previously in Cape Town at the Assembly for Step Up’s 4th b’day and is a real “heads” DJ, don’t expect any pop remixes here!

To WIN entry to Leggo! All you have to do is Retweet this post or Share it on Facebook. If you want to tell me where you shared in the comments section below so I can find you (in case you win) then that’s cool too. See you there 🙂

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