[VIDEO] Rudimentals Live at ROAR, 20.09.13

Teboes RudimentalsUnfortunately I couldn’t make it to Earthdance this weekend because I had to work BOOOO, BUT that didn’t mean I was going to stay in! (You should know me by now 😉 ) My friend suggested going to ROAR (club above Gandalfs) which I thought was a bit of a stretch, however, she forgot to mention that the Rudimentals were playing live!

The Rudi’s (Rudimentals) are one of my favourite Cape Town bands and because I’ve been so busy on the electronic scene, I haven’t watched them for AGES! So off to Obz we went. I have to have a phat chuckle at the staff at ROAR because I asked the barman, “Do you have any drink specials please?”


“Ok, how much is a double brandy and coke?”


And he said there were no specials. EVERY day that’s the price LOL So needless to say I knocked a few of those bad boys back and had a great time skanking away to the Rudimentals. AND, surprise surprise. Guest vocalist George Bacon was back in the house. He’s down from Germany and will be playing at a few SA venues including Rocking the Daisies next weekend!


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