Two Oceans Wine Simple Snacking Competition Entry

Shopping ListTwo Oceans Wines recently invited me to enter their Simple Snacking competition where they challenge bloggers to create a summer snack platter for 4 for less than R100 to accompany their Two Oceans wines.

I recently found out I have really high cholesterol so I’ve been cutting out yellow cheese, taking Omega 3 and staying away from anything deep fried. With that in mind, I designed the following menu with a slightly healthier snacking solution in mind (no camembert or brie, mushroom vul au vent or cheese sticks this time!).


  • Two Oceans Wines.jpgMELLON POPS: Goat’s Milk Cheese, balsamic vinegar & watermelon. This sounds dodgy but it really is the most surprisingly delicious snack! Cut out some watermelon disks, crumble goat’s milk cheese over the top with a dash of balsamic = YUM! Pick some wild rocket growing wherever you are and add that too 😉
  • SPICY PITA: Pita Breads with Jalapeno Hummus. I have a “magical” toaster at home. You know the kind that makes snackwiches like Wimpy…hmmm those (did I mention I love cheese, or used to 🙁 ) So all you have to do it toast the pitas, cut them into strips with a pizza cutter and it’s divine with jalapeno hummus or low fat Tzitziki from PnP.
  • BAKED TWISTS: And instead of Yellow Lays which I ALWAYS have around, I’m substituting them for baked pretzels. You could even make a mustard/honey vinaigrette to dip but that might take you over budget 😉

Although we were invited to make one dish, if I think of popping off to the beach or Kirstenbosch for a sundowner I certainly wouldn’t be baking first. I’ll be thinking, “What can I take it’s quick, light to carry and easy to eat in my picnic basket?”

Total cost of these ingredients (excluding balsamic vinegar because most people have that anyway at home) is R93,45.The Tzatziki or hummus is optional, if you pick one then you can get the baked pretzels, or find them under R6,35. Something sweet, savoury and salty to accompany the Two Oceans wines!


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