[CLOSED] Launch of New Green Tea Lipton Ice Tea

This summer FIVE of my friends had a baby within one month. It’s been the baby season as many Moms and Dads enter parent hood for the very first time. My friend, who happened to have her second child during this baby bloom, told me about having to walk down to Clifton 1st beach for a friend’s baby shower. I should mention that hubby had baby number 1 under his arm and a picnic blanket in the other, while she was 7 months pregnant and having to walk down about 400 steps to reach the beach!

In case you’ve never been to Clifton before, beach 1 is about 100 steps, Clifton 2 is about 200 steps, Clifton 3 is about 300 steps and Clifton 4 is about 400 steps (or there about). By the time she got to the bottom she was so exhausted – as were many of the other moms to be, that it got me thinking about a far more practical baby shower ideas.

This summer Lipton Ice Tea launched their brand new Green Ice Tea Pear & Peach Flavour. When it’s summer time in South Africa, why not have a beautiful ice-tea tea party for Moms (who’d really appreciate a lift to any baby shower). Ask each mom to bring a plate of eats, pull out your gran’s old China and have a lovely and relaxing tea party.

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The Lipton Green Ice Tea Pear & Peach Flavour is Lipton’s first flavour combination ice tea. I like green tea as well as pear and found the flavour to be geared towards the more savory palate, therefore, it works wells with baked goods and treats (not too much sweet on sweet). It’s the perfect ice-tea replacement for real tea at a tea party!

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Enjoyed in over 150 countries worldwide since 1880, Lipton Ice Tea prides itself on offering non-carbonated drinks with tea and juice extracts. The new Green Ice Tea Pear and Peach is perfect for taste lovers, offering fruity tastes of pear and peach with the invigoration that comes from green tea.

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Green Ice Tea Pear & Peach Flavour is available at retailers nationwide in 2 pack variations. Recommended retail price of: 500ml = R10.59 and 1.5L packs = R18.99, but I’ve got 2 hampers to give away that includes the new flavour, sunglasses, a beach umbrella and a bag.

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